"You should think, 'I am Rama'..."

Who is a man? Is man indicated by his limbs? The proper study of mankind is man. What is mankind? The unity of thought, words and action is mankind. It demonstrates humanness. You think one thing, speak something else, and do something else. This is not humanness, it is demonic nature. Man must have unity of thought, word and deed. For wicked people, thought, word and deed are in disharmony. We have to talk what we think, and do what we say. First and foremost, students must have good behaviour. If behaviour is good, then you will see good everywhere. Wherever you go, your goodness will follow you. You have to develop such qualities. Don’t look for quantity. What is the use of quantity? We must look for the quality and not the quantity. Develop good quality.

Give joy to your parents. Set an ideal in the society. Through words and senses, we can attain a very high state. Study well. When you are studying, study well; while playing, play well. Concentrate on the work which you are doing at that time. You should not keep talking while studying. If we are talking while studying, then we are not only ruining ourselves but we are also ruining others. Through empty words nobody can get happiness. By bad talk we are not only ruining ourselves but we are also ruining the other person also. We should not ruin ourselves and others in this manner. When you study, you must sit in solitude and concentrate. While playing, concentrate on playing. When you shout and laugh while playing the game, you cannot enjoy the game and benefit from it. Thus, while playing also concentration is required. Concentration should be there in all activities. If you want to go out of this building, you can’t go out of this window! You have to concentrate and find the main door and walk out through that. Concentration should become your way of life. With good concentration, get good marks, good name and good character.

You know the story of Lord Rama. He did not stray from the path of Dharma in any situation. He gave up the whole kingdom and entered the forest. Even when Bharata went and prayed to Him, He didn’t come back. He had one tongue. One is one. There are no two tongues. Only poisonous snakes have two tongues. We have only one tongue. Whatever promise we make, we have to keep it up. That is the value we must give for the tongue. Tongue is not given for unnecessary talk, not for accusing others, not for criticizing others, not to make fun of others, not to speak untruth, not for just filling your bellies. Our tongue is given to us so that we speak the truth. We should sanctify such a precious gift as the tongue. In any situation, Rama never broke His promise. All of you are Ramas. You should think, “I am Rama.” When you feel like that, then you will lead a truthful life. When you think that you are separate from Rama, then you will become a different person. Rama is in your heart. The throne in your heart belongs to Rama. You are the throne, and God is the person sitting on the throne. The body is a temple of God. Understand this and don’t misuse the body.

Students should get a good character, good marks, good behaviour and good ideals. They should get a good name for their parents, thereby giving them joy. Swami is full of love and love alone all the time. Treasure this love of Swami in your heart always. Then Swami will be with you all the time. 

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