What is the menu?

June 22, 1995 

Swami inspecting the food during a dining session at the Hostel in Brindavan during the Summer Course
Swami : (To hostel kitchen in-charge - Sri Venkatachalam) What is special for boys?
K Inch :  Vegetable Pulav, Masala Vada
Swami : What else? (As he was about to reply,) What was the sweet?
K Inch : Groundnut chutney.
Swami : Groundnut chutney is not a sweet. What is the sweet?
K Inch :  Mango fruit.
Swami : It is a fruit and not a sweet
K Inch : In place of sweet, mangoes were given.
Swami : (To Warden Dr. Siva Sankara Sai) Why sweet was not given?
Warden : Big Banganpalli mangoes were given.
Swami asked the cost of mango. Warden told that they cost Rs. 2.50-3.00 each.
Swami : Did you purchase them?

K Inch : They were purchased from Dharmavaram, Swami.

Swami then enquired about the dinner menu.

K Inch : Green peas curry, Chapati, rice and buttermilk.

Swami then turned to a schoolboy

Swami : How are the hostel Chapatis?
The student answered in affirmative. But Swami turned to the hostel kitchen in-charge and told that the boy is telling that they were not good. Swami then patted his folded hands and moved away.

Swami : Where do you come from?

Student : Cuddapah

Swami : Cuddapah or Kadupa? (meaning stomach)

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