When Swami became a Doctor for His Students...

June 23, 1997

When Swami came for Darshan, He noticed a student sitting in an odd position …
Swami: Where do you come from, boy?
Student: Swami, from Chennai.
Swami: Do you have any leg-problem?
Student: Yes, Swami.
Swami: After coming here?

Swami materialised Vibhuti for him, blessed him, and moved towards the others. Yet another student got up and informed Swami about His neck problem.
Student: Swami, I have neck pain.
Swami: (Mischievously, looking at him) Wear a necklace and the neck pain will go!


Sri Sathya Sai with Students in Prasanthi Nilayam

Swami created Vibhuti for him also and put little into his hands. When the student was about to sit, Swami asked him to wait and applied the rest of the Vibhuti on his neck. Another student suffering from fever and diarrhoea was praying to Swami for His attention. Responding to his prayers…
Swami: What is wrong with you?
Student: Swami, fever and loose motions.
Putting his hands on his cheeks and neck … in a mischievous tone…
Swami: 106 degree celsius!
All students laughed, including the sick student. Swami too smiled and said very lovingly…
Swami: 98.4F
Student: Swami, loose motions too.
Swami: Take rest it will be all right. (Turning to the other students) This boy came from London. (To the student)You like to go back to London? Or do you want to stay here?
Student: I want to stay here.
Swami: Why?
Student: Because Swami is here.
Swami: Good boy.
Swami patted his cheek and moved forward.

Source: Students with Sai: Conversations (1991-2000)


  1. These divine stories reveal that if one got faith Vibhuthi is answer to every problem whether medical or non medical and students proved it.Swami blesses with vibhuthi to most of the people with various problems.
    JP Reddy.

  2. Jai SaiRam,

    How Blessed were these kids to be so lovingly closely associated with Bagawan, truly they were all Blessed with their previous birth good karma's to see Him, touch Him, speak to Him, talk to Him, smile at Him, laugh along with Him...Sai love You.........


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