When Swami cured my Grandmother in USA... - By Anush Mohan

Swami during the Ashadhi Ekadashi Festival Celebrations at Prasanthi Nilayam

“My life is My message and My message is Love. That explains why you have gathered here in hundreds and thousands. The life of Sai, the message of Sai, the ideals of Sai, the lessons that Sai teaches the world are all enshrined in one word - Love.” Thus spoke our most beloved Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Swami, the very embodiment of Love, has taken birth to shower His love upon us. I keep writing the word 'Love' again and again as there is no synonyms for the word ‘Love’. Many of us have had the golden opportunity of tasting a few drops from this bottomless ocean of Love. I too had the most wonderful experience of Swami’s Love. 

It was July 12th, 2000, the most unforgettable day of my life. That day, our beloved Swami changed my life. I was part of the Mumbai group, which was performing a drama in the morning as part of the Ashadha Ekadashi programme. Our play was entitled ‘www.Godexists.luv’ and I was playing the role of Anthony who was a very comical character with a tall hat and a tailcoat. At the end of the programme we all sang and danced for the song ‘Kaho Na Pyaar Hai’, after which we requested Swami to tell us that He loves us. When we finished the song, Swami got up and He graciously announced, “I do”. Our hearts were filled with inexplicable joy. The Avatar of the Kali Yuga came and stood amongst us and as He spoke to us, instead of mere words, pearls of Love fell from Swami’s mouth. Whenever He patted my cheek or put His hand on my shoulder, I was transported to the seventh heaven. Then, Swami materialised Vibhuti for us. As I was wearing gloves, Bhagavan Himself opened my mouth and put Vibhuti into my mouth along with nectar of Prema. The joy, which I experienced, cannot be described. Never had I experienced so much Love before. I wanted more and more of it. The best way would be to join Swami’s college. So, I asked Swami, “Swami, College Mein Admission Chahiye” (I want admission into Your College), to which our loving God replied, “Yes! Yes! I will give all.” I was in the state of bliss for the rest of the day.

That day, during the afternoon Darshan, I prayed to Swami that He might materialize Vibhuti once again for me so that I could take it home for my grandmother. With this in mind, I tore a piece of paper and kept it ready. Bhagavan came up to me and asked me, “Morning drama, you?” Elated at being recognised, I answered, “Yes Swami.” Once again, for the second time in the day, He created Vibhuti for me. I held out my paper. The Lord said, “Show your hand.” Being embarrassed, I withdrew the piece of paper. Swami put Vibhuti in stretched palm. Ever since the incident, I have prayed to Swami for only one thing: Admission in the Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School. Once again Swami showered His grace on me by giving this wonderful chance to be a part of His prestigious institution. It is because of Swami and Swami alone that I am here today. 

Swami’s love is unconditional and never ending. Swami gives and gives mankind the greatest gift, the gift of love. Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, the world renowned Sarod player had written, “Swami is the embodiment of Love and compassion. Swami has made the world a better place to live in. May this be our Karma and blessing of God to have this Bhagya (good fortune) to be at His Lotus Feet.” Baba says, “Whosoever loves Me gets back My love, whether the person offering is a saint or a sinner.” Our Swami is like a brilliant sun. Just as the sun gives light and heat to one and all, Swami too showers His love and grace on each and every one. He does not distinguish between good and bad people. He sheds His warmth on everyone equally. 

Today, people all over the world keep seeking power. It was the hunger for power that led to the two World Wars. On August 6th, 1945, when USA dropped nuclear bombs on the Japanese town of Hiroshima, the entire world felt that nothing could be more powerful than the atom bomb. But there is something far more potent than all the atom bombs put together. That is Swami’s Love. There is longing in the eyes of the devotees for just one loving touch of the Divine hand. 

This happened long ago, when my mother was just a young girl. She was going with her parents and elder brother to see Swami at Dharmakshetra, Mumbai. My grandfather and uncle boarded the bus when it started moving. Grandfather pulled my mother onto the bus, which had begun to move. Out of fear, my grandmother pulled my mother down. An unintentional tug of war followed. In the scuffle, my mother hurt herself badly. That day onwards, mother would suffer from headache every day. 

A few months later, when Swami came to Mumbai for the second time, my mother and her friend stood waiting for Baba to come. It was then that Swami cured my mother with just one touch of the hand. My mother and her friends were standing behind a row of Seva Dal volunteers. In her eagerness to see Swami, my mother led her friend into the hall. They passed the volunteers and entered the hall. There, they hid behind the pillar waiting for the Lord to come. A few minutes later, my mother and her friend sensed there was somebody standing behind them. When they, turned behind, they saw Swami, in all His splendour, overflowing with love, gazing at them! Before they could overcome the shock, Bhagavan Baba raised His hand (Abhayahasta). Then He lovingly placed His hand on my mother’s head. Having blessed my mother, He walked away towards the crowd. That very moment her headache vanished, never to return. 

Once, when in New York, my grandmother had to be operated for a brain tumour. All the doctors said that she would not survive. Even if she did, she may lose her power of speech, the doctor warned. Yet, with full faith in Bhagavan, she agreed for the operation. Finally, on the day of surgery, my mother met a friend of hers in a subway, who gave my mother some Vibhuti materialised by Baba. This was promptly handed over to my grandmother. After the operation, it was the surgeon’s turn to be surprised when he saw the reports. My grandmother turned to be absolutely fit and fine! On their return to India, my mother went to visit the friend who gave her the Vibhuti. When my mother thanked her, she replied, “Are you mad? I have not gone to America even once in my lifetime. You must be mistaken.” Such is the grace of Swami. He had personally come in my mother’s friend’s form to save my grandmother’s life. 

I feel we should remember what Swami says about selfless love. He says, “If you have selfless love, you need not be afraid of anything. Even if the sky were to fall on your head, be fearless. Love is God and God is Love. So, live in love. Get immersed in the Divine Love.” 

- Anush Mohan
Student (2007-2009), Department of Management Studies
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Prasanthi Nilayam Campus
Currently, Visiting Faculty, NMIMS University, Mumbai

Source: Sai Nandana 2005 (80th Birthday Issue)

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  1. Very inspiring especially when one is in dejection. Faith and love is most important though as mortals and ordinary human beings, we sometimes feel helpless. Don't lose faith...


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