"If boys follow My words... that itself is great Seva..."

June 25, 1995

After the interview Bhagavan mentioned that there was a lot of work to be done and the scaffoldings had to be erected to fix the fiberglass dome and so students should not come for evening Darshans. However, the students protested. The Warden prayed that the students be given some work. Swami, then remarked, “If boys follow My words and stay in the hostel, that itself is great Seva, sacrifice and Tapas”.

Swami walked up to the birthday boys, looked at their trays, and said that boys should not get toffees in future. Then looking at the students, Swami said, “Boys are very happy that they didn’t come for Darshans all these 4 days”. There was a cry of “No’s” expressing students’ deep feeling of not being able to have Darshan all these days. Swami then continued, saying that the previous day a heavy rod had fallen from above and that it could have been dangerous if the boys had been there.  

Later while talking to the doctors, Bhagavan mentioned that for the inauguration of the water project, both, the Prime Minister and the President wanted to come. Bhagavan also said that an arrangement was being made so that a tap near the Shanti Vedika would trigger water supply in Anantapur.

During this conversation Swami expressed that He was working without taking even a moment’s rest. Even after returning to the Poornachandra Auditorium, He said that He was personally supervising the carving (of the Ramayana) on the roof.  He was taking 4-5 rounds every day, looking into the minutest details. Swami said, “When Rama’s head was made very big (by the artist), disproportionate to the body, I got the defect corrected”. Further He advised the artists to draw ‘Pushpaka Vimana’ in the episode of Ravana carrying away Sita.

Then Bhagavan said that all lotuses, on the roof of the Auditorium, made out of plaster of Paris were being substituted by fiberglass.  He also informed that around the Sarva Dharma Stupa, a musical fountain was coming up and in place of the present Mandir stores, steps were being constructed for ladies to sit.

Commenting on His food, Bhagavan said that He had stopped eating His evening meal. He took only a cup of buttermilk and some water. Even in the morning, He would not take rice, and eat only a small Chapati. He told that even at 70, He was very active, energetic and walked long distances without getting tired. He said that His weight was constant, at 108 pounds.

Bhagavan was talking about Justice Ramamurthy’s report and mentioned that the judge quoted Swami for full 5 pages in his 90-page judgement. Swami observed that Justice Ramamurthy had the courage to do it,while many lacked it. Bhagavan said one should take interest.  Then one would acquire knowledge. “Shraddhavan Labate Jnanam” (The one with faith is bestowed with wisdom).

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