In Conversation with Sri Sathya Sai: "How was the Sports Meet?"

January 12, 2003 (Sunday)

The previous day was a day to be remembered by all present, as they witnessed the spectacular shows performed by all the campuses of the Sri Sathya Sai Educational Institutions in the Hill View Stadium. All the programmes had a touch of beauty, courage and aesthetics. The programme filled all the peoples’ heart with lot of happiness. There were also a few spiritual lessons to be learnt. A huge globe of about 30 feet in diameter was made and kept on a movable structure. The globe was placed on a beautifully made base in the shape of Swamis’ right hand. The massive structure had really stolen the show. But Swami would not let His students and staff revel in the glory of their achievements. He wanted to use the opportunity to prod them to achieve greater heights - within and without. The following conversation that evening reveals this...
The Globe made by the students of the Prasanthi Nilayam Campus
Swami: How was the Sports Meet?

Teacher: Swami, it was very good. It was of international standard.

Swami : It might have seemed good to you, but it was not so for Me. Why do you not say that it was of Olympic standards? (To Warden - Dr. Siva Sankara Sai) How were the bikes?

Warden : Swami, we cleaned them. We are going to return them.

Swami : So many of them were damaged. Brakes were spoilt.
The Bike stunts by students of the Men's Campus
Warden : They did not get spoilt; they just became loose.

Swami : Aah! I know! I know!

Prof. Anil Kumar (A.K.) : Swami, nobody can hide anything from You. You know everything.

Swami : How was the horse riding event?

Prof. A.K. : Swami, it was very good.

Swami : Gurralu Aruvu Ki Techhaaru. Aruvu Ante Emiti? (They hired the horses. What is the meaning of Aruvu?)

Prof. A.K. : Swami, Aruvu means hiring. Using something that does not belong to us with the owner’s permission for a fee.

Swami : When you hire something, you hire its glory and achievements too. So you do not achieve anything.

Prof. A.K. : Swami, then how can we make the show attractive?

Swami : You should use your own body and mind to make the show appealing. This is not good. You should not depend on all these machines and motors. You should have Swaadheenam (self-reliance) not Paraadheenam (dependence on others). Swashakthi Upayoginchali (one should use one’s own strength.)

Prof. A.K. : Yes Swami, as You say, one should use one’s own Shakti and Saamarthyam (strength and skill.)

Swami : What is the meaning of Shakti and Saamarthyam?

Prof. A.K. : Swami, I do not know. Please tell us what they really mean.

Swami : Let us suppose that there is a table and some chairs in a room. The energy required to drag the table away is Shakti. The discrimination required to overcome the obstacles on the way is Saamarthyam.

Prof A.K. : Swami, can we estimate our strength?

Swami : Your strength will be known to you when somebody gives Protsaaham (encouragement).

Prof A.K. : Swami, the same was the case with Hanuman.

Swami : One should take Protsaaham and develop Utsaaham (zeal).

Prof A.K. : Swami, do these two come from outside?

Swami : No. One should encourage one’s own self and get the enthusiasm to accomplish the task.

Prof A.K. : Swami, Government has resources. But they do not think the way You think. They just make laws.

Swami : They make rules to break them.

Prof A.K. : Swami, they think that they can bring about transformation in a person with these.

Swami : Transformation should originate from within. 

(To Warden, on seeing him writing something.) What are you writing?

Warden : Swami, I am noting down Your words.
(Swami looked away. A little while later, Swami called the Principal of the Brindavan Campus) What? You are losing a lot of hair! You are balding.

Prof. A.K. : Swami, Juttu Lekunna Pattu Undi (Even if he does not have hair, he has determination).

Swami : Yes, it is true. But My hair is still black though I am ageing. 

Prof. A.K. : Swami, who said that You are ageing? (Pointing to the devotees block) You look the same as You used to when I used to sit there.

Swami : One becomes old not due to passage of time but due to the increase in worries.

Prof. A.K. : Swami, this year, Sankranthi and Vaikuntha Ekadashi (two very important and auspicious days in the Indian calendar) are on the same day.

Swami : What is Vaikuntham?

Prof A.K. : Swami, it is the place where Lord Vishnu resides.

Swami : No, Vaikuntham is your own Anandam (bliss). The moment you experience Anandam, you are in Vaikuntham.

Prof A.K. : Swami, at this moment, we are in Vaikuntham.

Swami : Not only at this moment, but you should be happy at all times.

At 4:45 pm, Swami arose and retired to the interview room.

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