The Four Responsibilities for Human Beings: Part 1 - Sri Sathya Sai Paradigm

Among all the living beings on earth, man is the only sacred one. In this world, a person who holds a higher position would also have to hold greater responsibility. Similarly, among all living beings, man, who occupies a very sacred and important position, is assigned very important responsibilities. One has to examine these responsibilities. Human beings are bound by these four responsibilities: Sin, Law, Scriptures and Curse. Each of these have been contextually elaborated.

Sin (Paapa)

Why are other living beings not bound by sin? It is because only humans have the discrimination power (Viveka Buddhi) to differentiate between good and bad. Humans, who are endowed with the power of discrimination, will meet with sin if they indulge in violations. What is Sin? Sin is an act committed knowing fully well that it is wrong. Indulging in something knowing fully well that it is wrong is a sin. In daily life, acts done prompted by ego or jealousy are also called sins. Among human beings: children, mentally challenged individuals and Jnanis (wise people) are not bound by these sins. The reason for this is that the children and the mentally challenged people lack the power of discrimination. They do not know what they are doing and are filled with ignorance. Minds filled with innocence and ignorance will not be bound by sins. The wise people visualise both sin and piety with equanimity. The wise people are filled with nectarine thoughts and are desireless. Selfish thoughts cannot be noticed in wise people. Whatever the Jnanis say, think, do or see, is for the welfare of the world. So, never are the wise affected by sins. 

Law (Shaasanam)

In this world, for seeking justice, there are courts of law which penalise those who defy the law of the land and indulge in unlawful acts. These are applicable only to human beings but not for the birds or animals. For example, cattle might trespass into others’ fields, destroy the crop and cause a great loss. But the courts of law cannot direct the animal to pay compensation for the loss. Instead, it asks the owner of the cattle to pay the compensation or undergo punishment. Hence, it is important to realise the fact that the courts of law are established for human beings and not for birds or animals. There are many such examples in day-to-day life to drive home the point that people who are devious will be punished appropriately by the law of that land. If only one understands this carefully, then one will conduct oneself in a good manner in the society.

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