When was the foundation stone of Prasanthi Nilayam laid?

Sri Sathya Sai at Puttaparthi -1948

Wednesday, January 14, 1948

The foundation stone for the New Mandir at Puttaparathi was laid on the 14th January 1948. Devotees from Yadalam, the Gummagatta families and others from Bukkapatnam accompanied Baba to the site. Sri R. Neeladri Rao, who played an important role; Transport Commissioner Sri Hanumantha Rao, and many other royal Zamindars also attended the function. 

A hole was dug in the ground and Baba materialised pearls and other precious stones and dropped them in the pit. The foundation stone was laid on top. This was the beginning of ‘Prasanthi Nilayam’.

Raising the central door of the Prasanthi Nilayam Mandir during construction - 1948

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