With Great Enthusiasm in our Hearts... Dil Mein Lekar Utsah Anupam

Dil Mein Lekar Utsaah Anoopam Jyoti Lekar Aao Chalen Ham
Saath Raho Tum Mere Hardum Chaahe Khushee Ho Yaa Gam
Ru Ru Ru...
Hai Hamaaree Khush Naseebee Aaye Ho Tum Aaj Yahaan
Hai Tumhaare Dam Se Apnee Ye Zameen Aur Aasmaan
Kah Do To Le Aayen Swarg Yahaan (2) (Dil Me Lekar...)
Mohabbat Ye Teri Paayee Jo Hamne Hua Jeevan Kaa Saveraa
Tere Liye Ham Jiyenge Aur Marenge
Har Saans Tujkho Yaad Karenge
Fariyaad Meri Sunlo O Sai, Sunlo Ye Dil Ki Pukaar
Dono Jahaan Se Hamko Hai Pyaaraa
Tumhaara Ye Pyaar Ye Pyaar (Dil Me Lekar....)


With great enthusiasm in our hearts, let us take the torch of hope;
May You always stay by our side, whether happiness or sorrow;
It is our good fortune that You have come here this day;
It's because of Your grace that we have this wonderful creation;
If You command us, we shall dedicate the heavens at Your Lotus feet;
When we received Your Love, we have witnessed the joy of a new dawn;
We shall live for You, we shall die for You;
We shall remember You in every breath;
Listen to our Prayer O Sai, Your Love is more dear to us than the joys of this world and the next.

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