When Sri Sathya Sai helped His School Friends during World War II

January 1, 1940

In the early 1940s, Sathya had publicly declared His identity as an Avatar. Two of Sathya’s friends, Sri Nagesan and Sri Sathyanarayana, among the many others, had belief in Him. Both of them had joined as Jawans during World War II. When their battalion was in the North-East Himalayas, they were caught in a camp fire. Sri Nagesan and Sri Sathyanarayana thought of their old friend and cried out in prayer. The wailing sailed across, and reached little Sai. He left His physical body at Puttaparthi and rushed to their rescue transcorporeally in a trice. The raging fire ceased as if commanded, and was extinguished immediately.                                                            
Baba who rarely mentions the details of His astral travels, informed the people at Puttaparthi on return to His body that He had to rush to the Himalayan heights in order to save His school friends. Later, in 1945, when the two returned after the war, they corroborated the same to the devotees.

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