Trayee Sessions – Part 20

Tuesday, May 22, 2001

Swami came near the Jhoola, opened a letter and read out, ‘Hari Krishna’. To a student sitting next to the Jhoola who was keeping his hand on the sharp edge of the Jhoola…

Swami : Why do you keep your hand there? You will get hurt. (Swami then saw a letter that the student was holding.) Whose letter is this? Who is Aradhya? (A student came forward. Swami threw his letter to him saying, ‘Aradhya’. To the student) What do you want? Bring that letter. (Swami took the letter back and opened it. Swami then created a small idol of Ganesha and showed it to him.) What is this?

Student : Ganapati. (Swami gave the idol to him. Swami also gave the envelope back for him to put the idol in.)

Swami : I will put it on a chain and you can wear it around your neck. If you blow, it will have a ring on it. (Swami started reading his letter.) Don’t you want worldly life? What is this assembly? Everything is worldly life. What is Divine life? Purity is Divine life. Immortality is Divine life. This is world, immoral. What is the way to immortality? Removal of immorality is the only way to immortality. Sit down. (Swami gave the letter to the student. To a devote) After son’s M.B.A.?

Devotee : Whatever You say.

Swami : Ready?

Devotee : I am always ready. Your word is final.

Swami : It is not Mine. Parent’s responsibility.

Devotee : Yes, Swami.

Swami : (To a student) See, father is saying ‘Yes’. Be ready.

Devotee : Yes. 

Swami : Very happy.

Swami then called Shailesh Bangdel, ‘Darjeeling Boy’. He came forward, took Namaskar and spoke. He narrated the story of how one should yearn for God. A Guruji, to teach this, dipped his disciple’s head into the water and asked him what he wanted then. The disciple answered that he wanted a breath of air. The Guruji then told him to yearn for God the same way as he desperately yearned for fresh air.

Shailesh : Swami, You tell us to go home. Where will we go?

Swami : (Smilingly) Stunt.

Swami got up and accepted Aarti, gave Prasadam trays to students and blessed all from the balcony before retiring for the day.

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