Trayee Sessions – Part 19

Thursday, May 17, 2001

Swami came at 4.30 pm. Calling the Brindavan Warden…

Swami : Boys haven’t gone home. All boys are here. No one has gone. (Seeing a student) Why has this boy not gone home?

Student : I am coming daily from city (Bangalore).

Swami : Daily? So much money waste. Did you come with your grandfather? He has already left. How do you go back? By bus?

Student : I go back after morning Darshan.

Swami : Where do you stay at night?

Student : In the hostel.

Swami : (To a devotee) What is your programme?

Devotee : Staying with You.

Swami : When have you booked your ticket?

Devotee : Next Sunday.

Swami : Then why did you tell you were staying? You have already booked your ticket. Lie. If one tells lies, he will not get money! 
(To Brindavan Warden) Why have these boys not gone home? Send them. (To a student) Has father come?

Student : (In Hindi) Tomorrow Swami.

Swami : Daily you tell Kal (tomorrow). Kal has two meanings – yesterday and tomorrow. (To another student) When is your father coming?

Student : He is here.

Swami : When is he going?

Student : He has booked ticket for 21st.

Swami : (To another student) When are you going?

Student : I am staying.

Swami : You said the other day that you were going to a foreign country. Which country are you going? Where are you going? London? Emi Samacharam? (What news?) (To a Research Scholar) What is life? Mahabharatam, what is life? Life is a challenge.

R. S. : Life is a game.

Swami : Play with life. What is life? Tell, let me see.

R. S. : Life is a challenge.

Swami : What is the meaning of challenge?

R. S. : Facing all obstacles with confidence.

Swami : That is worldly challenge. Real challenge?

R. S. : Facing inner obstacles.

Swami : (After sometime) You must not only follow. You must do.

Swami then got up and Aarti was offered at 5.37 pm. Swami spoke to few students while going back. He gave Prasadam trays to the students and blessed all from the balcony before retiring for the day.

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