Sri Sathya Sai visits Bombay and Addresses Rural and Industry Associations

Friday, May 11, 1984 to Monday, May 14, 1984

Sri Sathya Sai Darshan at Dharmakshetra
Bhagavan visited Bombay between 11th and 14th May 1984. The 16th Anniversary of Dharmakshetra was celebrated at Dharmakshetra on 12th May 1984. The function was presided over by the Chief Justice of India, Justice Y.V. Chandrachud. Prior to Bhagavan’s Discourse, the Chief Guest and Dr. Goldstein, Vice Chairman of The Sri Sathya Sai Organisation of USA, addressed the gathering. In His Divine Discourse, Bhagavan said:

“The individual, the society and the nation constituted an inextricably linked organism. The peace and welfare of the nation depend on the peace and progress of society, which in their turn are dependent on the peace and good conduct of individuals. Unless individuals develop mutual regard and tolerance and cultivate equal-mindedness towards each other, there can be no peace and harmony in the community. Material progress alone cannot bring about peace and harmony and happiness among people. America is an example of a country with a high degree of material progress, in which the people have little love for each other and have neither happiness nor peace of mind.

The astonishing, progress of science and technology has not brought with it corresponding powers of discrimination and wisdom. Man must realise that the sense organs, through which he explores the external and discovers the powers latent in Nature and the physical universe, function because of the Divinity which is immanent in them. Without the power of the Divine, the eyes cannot see or the ears hear or the mind think.

Unselfish love is the only way to attain God
Our ancients were not ignorant of science. But in pursuing scientific enquiries, they did not rest content with knowing all about creation. They were keen to understand the Creator who was responsible for the creation. They sought to know the nature of the unchanging reality that was behind the continually changing phenomenal Universe. This spiritual quest leads to the realisation of the Divinity that is present in all living things and permeates all things in the Universe.

Members of the Sai Organisation must carry on their work in the firm faith that all are the children of one God. They must carry on their service activities in a spirit of unselfish dedication to the Divine. The practice of pure unselfish love is the only way to attain God. They should purify their hearts and minds, regarding their body as the temple of the Divine. Today we see disorder, violence and hatred in various parts of the country. Conditions appear to be deteriorating from day to day. In this situation, the duty of' the Sai devotees is clear. They must cultivate Prema Tattva (the principle of love) and make it the basis of all their actions. They must wean the villagers away from bad habits and advise them not to fall victims to the divisive forces that are rampant amongst them, There is no place for party politics in the field of rural betterment. Sai workers should identify themselves with the interests of the villagers and serve them with love and sympathy. This is the Sadhana (spiritual effort) in which they should engage themselves.”

Bhagavan presented Village Utility Kits to Gram Sevaks from 100 Villages. He released a Directory of Blood Donors, compiled by the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samiti of Bombay. He addressed the participants of a Symposium on the Spirit of Social Service. He told them that many organisations were engaged in welfare work, but if they could coordinate their efforts, they would be able to do a lot more good to the people than what was being done at present. He advised them to work in a spirit of cooperation and not competition. Sri Indulal Shah and Prof. Gokak also addressed the participants. A compilation of lessons in History for Primary teachers under the Education in Human Values programme was presented by Bhagavan to Smt. Kusum Kamath, Head of The Department of Education of the Bombay Muncipal Corporation.  
Sri Sathya Sai Distributing Essentials to School Children
Bhagavan met 400 rural workers from Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. The residents of the adopted slums of Bombay Samiti were overjoyed to have an exclusive Darshan of Bhagavan. He gave gifts and prizes to the children. He met the members of the Industrial Study Circle and Adult Education Programme at Dharmakshetra. Bhagavan, in a function held at Dharmakshetra, awarded trophies to winners of essay competitions organised by the Bombay Samiti, for the students from all the colleges of Bombay. The institutional heads received the trophies from Bhagavan. 

Bhagavan inaugurated the new premises for the deaf at the Central School, Agripada. He also inaugurated the operation theatre at Dharmakshetra, in the Opthalmic Wing of the Medical Clinic. Bhagavan addressed the members of the Indian Merchants Chamber on May 14th at Brabourne Statium. The President of the Chamber, Mr. Pranlal Bhogilal welcomed Bhagavan. He pointed out to the members that wealth alone would not bring peace. Though people often complained of corruption in public life, Bhagavan refused to blame the government for it. He placed the blame squarely on the shoulders of the business community. His advised them, “Give morality a place in your hearts”.
Sri Sathya Sai with Sri Pranlal Bhogilal and other members of the Indian Merchant Chambers at the Cricket Club of India, Mumbai.
Full Text of the Discourse to the Indian Merchants Chamber:

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