Reminiscing Sri Sathya Sai in October 1947

In October of 1947, Baba visited Sri Radhakrishna Setty’s family at their hometown, Vasanadu. Baba reached Vasanadu at noon. Baba went to the mango orchard the next day and spent time with the children indulging in childish pranks like climbing trees. Baba accepted the family request to be taken around the village in a palanquin. That evening, the family had arranged for a decorated serpent shaped bed for Him. Although He had retired to His room upstairs, He came down during midnight to sleep on the decorated bed (which was placed downstairs) until 6.00 am. Baba stayed with the family for a week. From Vasanadu, Baba proceeded to Dandikuppam and spent two days there before He returned to Puttaparthi. There was a big tank at Puttaparthi. A small decorated boat was arranged for Baba for the Theppotsavam (Boat Festival) to be held in the Puttaparthi Tank.

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  1. Aum Sri Sai Ram. Baba is Ananta Padmanabha Swamy so that it is appropriate to sit on Seshatalpam.



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