Sri Sathya Sai Visits Kadugodi Village

Thursday, October 21, 1976

Swami hoisted the Prashanti Flag and inaugurated a 7 day Rural Seva Dal training camp organised by  Bangalore District Organisation at The Rural Service Centre in Kadugodi on 21st October 1976. There were about 128 trainees. The girls were given special training in tailoring and weaving. Swami spoke to them about systematic ‘Sadhana’ to purify their hearts. The Revenue Minister for Karnataka, Sri Huchmasti Gowda, presided over the function and addressed the trainees. Prof. V.K. Gokak also addressed the trainees. Swami visited many of the villages around Brindavan in order to inspire and instruct the students and staff of Brindavan College who were involved in the Grama Seva along with the village people. He laid the foundation for a High School in the village Kalkunte and visited the ancient Chola temple there. He encouraged the villagers of Kannamangala to renovate the Someshwara temple in their village. He installed the idol of Venugopala Swami in a temple at Seegehalli. Swami visited the Rama temple in the village Sorahunse, and gave a Discourse there. He was present during their traditional festival celebrations marked by the mass feeding of all the pilgrims. Swami visited even inaccessible villages like Panatur and installed the idol of Hanuman in the village temple. The villagers requested Swami to arrange such training camps often. At the training camp, Swami bestowed on the trainees the rare blessing and inspiration of His presence during a dinner session. He addressed them on the final day also. He called them inside Brindavan and distributed the certificates to each of them blessing them individually with Vibhuti Prasadam. Moreover, Swami permitted the trainees to conduct Nagar Sankirtan on all the 7 days of the camp. At the culmination of the Nagar Sankirtan at Brindavan, He blessed them with His early morning Darshan. 

Eminent persons like Dr. R.R. Diwakar, Prof.V.K. Gokak and Prof. G.P. Rajarathnam imparted many valuable instructions to the trainees. Dr. P.V. Hegde gave them elementary training in First Aid. Dr. Narasappa and Dr. Bore Gowda guided them on Seva. 

The organisers had arranged a poetry reading session in the Divine Presence on one of the evenings, where many eminent poets of Karnataka also participated. A Harikatha was performed by the villagers. An exhibition depicting the various activities of the Sathya Sai Organisation was organised during the Camp.

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