When Sathyanarayana Raju became Sri Sathya Sai Baba - Part 2

Sri Sathya Sai during His school days

Tragedy strikes two classmates of Baba 

At that time, a tragic incident occurred. In the school, three students used to sit together in each desk. In the desk where Swami sat, he had on one side the Sheristadar's son and on the other the Revenue Inspector's son. Both of them were fairly well to do. By their continuous association with me in the class, their hearts had been transformed. The day I left the school, both of them suffered a grievous mental shock. They cried "Raju! Raju" in great anguish. When they saw me boarding the bus, the Sheristadar's son lost his mind and fell into a well. "I cannot live without Raju" were his last words. The other boy was always wailing, "Raju! Raju!" and would not take any food or drink. This state of mental imbalance is Unmatha, a spiritual phenomenon. Many people think that this condition is related to the giving up of worldly objects. 

In view of the tragic end of these two boys, their classroom in the school was locked up. Even today there is the desk, which has been named ‘Sathya Sai Baba Desk’.

There was a Headmaster named Lakshmipathi (in the Uravakonda School). He used to summon me to his office as soon as I came to the school. This kind of feeling does not come to everyone. Only those who have been blessed by their good deeds in previous lives have such feelings. As soon as I went into his office, he would close the door. He would ask me to sit in his chair. He would sit on the floor and start massaging my feet. Innocently, I would tell him often: “Sir, you should not do such a thing." Lakshmipathi used to say: "You don't know these things. I know them. There is a great Shakti (power) in you." In this manner, many things used to happen in Uravakonda in those days. 

The remarkable change in Uravakonda 
The town of Uravakonda with the serpent hill in the background
October 20 (1940) is the day that wrought a great transformation in Uravakonda. There was a remarkable change in all the students there. I shall give you a small example to illustrate what an amount of affection and love they had for me. The day after I left, another boy went up to the platform in the school for prayer. He started to pray, but broke down in tears. He remembered Swami and could not continue. When he started crying, everyone in the hall began to cry. The prayer turned into a lamentation. The headmaster said: “There is no need for a prayer. The cry itself is the prayer." From that day, the prayer room was locked up and was later converted into a sacred showroom. 
The students of those days were full of purity. They were not prone to indulge in criticisms and speculations like students of today. Cleverness and intellectual abilities have increased among students today but good qualities have been on the decline. In those days, cleverness was less but goodness was greater. 

Prasanthi Nilayam is now a mini-world

The lights that have been lit to celebrate a memorable event is a symbol of how the Andhra people have imbibed and are spreading the message of Sai. 

Embodiments of Divine Love! Do not think that this is said to flatter you. Consider it as a declaration of truth. What has been accomplished at Prasanthi Nilayam in the past fifty years could not have been achieved even in five hundred years (cheers). Although many avatars have done great things, no avatar has achieved the stupendous things done here in fifty years. All this has been accomplished by this single hand. A splendid university has been established here. A planetarium has been set up. In a small village like this, even an aerodrome is being constructed.

The name of Prasanthi Nilayam has spread to all parts of the globe. The whole world exists in miniature in Prasanthi Nilayam. People from all countries are gathering here. Prasanthi Nilayam is now a mini-world. You are going to witness many more things by November 23. 

Will people from other countries come here even if they are invited? But no invitations or promotional literature have been sent to anyone. I am even advising many who wish to come not to do so. This supreme power of attracting so many from all parts of the world can only belong to the Divine (cheers). The fragrance emanating from a flower spreads all over. Does the flower invite the bee? No. But the bee rushes to the flower of its own accord to taste the nectarine honey in it. Does a bee ever go to a plastic flower? Where is Argentina? It is almost at one end of the globe. In Argentina Bhajans are being held in every home (cheers). In Panama, some military officers campaigned against the government in power and called for a "Sathya Sai Government." These officers were arrested and kept in a mental asylum on the ground that they had gone crazy. All the military officers were able to convert the nurses and doctors in the hospital to Sai devotees. It is not easy to do this. Such changes can be effected only by a change of heart. 

Devotion alone can protect the world 

Embodiments of Love! If you have been able to carry these lamps, from house to house, it is not the result of something external. The light has come from your hearts. Hence, more than lighting the lamps outside, develop the Jyotis within you and purify your hearts. All Sathya Sai Organisations should be permeated with love. No room should be given to divisive forces. Differences of caste and creed should be totally eschewed. Character alone should be the hallmark of one's community. Love should become an article of faith. Morality determines the nature of a community. The answer to the question, "To which community do you belong?" should be: “I belong to the community of the moral." If anyone asks for your religion, declare: “Love is my religion." 

Develop devotion to God on this basis. Devotion alone protects the entire world and nothing else. No government, no bombs, no tanks can save the world. Devotees alone are the protectors of the world. Developing devotion, having the well-being of the world in view, participate in Nagarasankirtan (going round one's village or town performing Bhajans)

Source: Divine Discourse on the Golden Jubilee of the Avatar Declaration Day, October 20, 1990.

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