Sri Sathya Sai lays the foundation stone of Shivam at Hyderabad

Sri Sathya Sai breaking coconuts - a ritual for removing any sorts of obstacles

Wednesday, October 20, 1971 to 

Monday, October 25, 1971 

Swami reached Hyderabad on 20th October, 1971. Swami gave Darshan to the devotees at East Amberpet on 21st evening. At 9 am on 22nd morning, Swami addressed the Mahila Vibhag members and the Bal Vikas teachers at Lata Talkies, and witnessed a cultural programme presented by the Bal Vikas students. On the same evening at 6 pm, Swami inaugurated the opening session of the Prashanti Vidwan Maha Sabha presided over by Prof. Gokak. Swami also gave a Discourse on this occasion. On 23rd evening, Minister Ramalinga Raju presided over the session of the Sabha and Swami gave a Discourse. Sri K. V. L. Narasimham, Chief Justice of Andhra Pradesh High Court, presided over the final session on the 24th and Mrs. Santa Barbara spoke prior to Swami’s Discourse. 

Sri Sathya Sai unveiling the stone plague on the occasion
Swami laid the foundation stone for ‘Shivam’ (Swami’s residence at Hyderabad) at 10 am on 25th October, 1971. Justice V. Parthasarathi presided over the function and Swami addressed the devotees. Swami visited the Senior Certified School for Juvenile Delinquents at 6 pm the same evening and gave a Discourse. Swami addressed the members of Seva Dal, Mahila Vibhag, Bhajan units and office bearers at 8 pm. 

Source: Sri Sathya Sai Digvijayam (1926-1985)



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