Conversations on the MBA Day Drama

August 20, 1997 

After the interview, Swami came to the MBA students and asked…

Swami : Drama Ho Gaya?(Has the drama got over) Very nice.

Principal : Ledhu (No), Swami 

Swami : Repeating again, Drama Ho Gaya, Bahut Achha (Very good). I will not come.

Students : Please, Swami.

Swami : You have practised only once. What can you do?

Student : Swami, we started practicing two days back!

Swami : (Referring to another student) He started only in the morning, whole day practice Kiya. (To another student) What is your name? (The student told his name) No, what role you are playing in the drama?

Student : Chanchal, Swami. 

Swami : Oh! Monkey! (A burst of laughter from the students).

Student : Not real monkey, Swami.

Swami : Mad monkey. (Looking at some words written on the card…) What is this?

Student : ‘Divine’, Swami.

Swami : Why is ‘D’ in one direction… ‘I’ in another?

Student : Modern art, Swami.

Swami : I do not like modern art. What is the spelling of ‘Scene’?

Student : S-c-e-n-e.

Swami : That is ‘skene’. (Everyone laughs) What is the spelling of ‘Walk’?

Student : W-a-l-k, Swami.

Swami : ‘L’ Kahan Jata Hai? (Where does the  ‘L’ go?). Chup Ho Jata Hai!! (Becomes silent).

Swami : What is this… 1-mind, 2-mind? This is wrong. ‘Divine’- Where is the ‘I’? It is cross. Ek Idhar Jata Hai Aur Ek Udhar. (Referring to the alphabets - One is going this way and the other is crossing it).

Student : Swami, this is modern art.

Swami : I like only ancient art. What is SBMAF?

Student : School of Business Management Accounting and Finance.

Swami : Why school? School means, where small children go.

Student : We are Swami’s children, we are small.

Swami : Small children MBA Kaise Kar Sakta Hai? (How can small children do MBA)? Small children ABC Karta Hai. (Small children can learn the alphabets) What is the meaning of ABC? 

Student : Always Be Careful.

Swami : There is one more meaning.

Student : Avoid Bad Company.

Swami : Yes, that is more important, and especially the company of bad thoughts.

Then Swami looked at “XI” and asked, “What is this?”

Student : ‘Aleven’, Swami.

Swami : It is not ‘Aleven’, it is pronounced as ‘Leven’. (Swami then called the Principal - Sri Sivaramakrishnaiah) In School, there is no concentration on pronunciation and handwriting, that is why some students say, ‘Aleven’ ‘Woruld’ (World) and ‘Thard’ (Third). This is very bad.

August 21, 1997

Swami : (Seeing the SBMAF students) Boys, do you want to know how the drama was? It was good. In future, boys should think about what they had spoken in the drama and put them into practice. The dialogues are not just for a drama, they are for real… Some boys have come from Hyderabad and the surrounding villages. Many are students. These boys do Grama Seva everyday right from morning to evening, and in the evenings, they perform  ‘Burra Katha’ (folk tradition where legends are told with the help of songs and dialogues) on Swami’s life and teachings. After the Youth Conference, they started working vigorously. I am going to talk to them now. 
(Referring to SBMAF students) Did you all have a sound sleep in the afternoon? Last night you all worked till 2 O’clock; I know.

Principal : Swami, we offer our gratitude to You for coming to the Institute.

Swami : Don’t use words like ‘Thank You’ and ‘Gratitude’. Am I a third person? Did you hear the songs sung by the Hyderabad Youth Group?

Principal : No, Swami. (Swami then asked the Hyderabad boys to sing two songs)
Swami : All should learn these songs. They have a very good meaning. (To Hyderabad boys) You are all Swami's children. 
(To one of the Institute students) What were you boy? (In the drama)

Student : Manu Chakravarti.

Swami : Yesterday Manu Chakravarti, today No Chakravarti!

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