"Where there is Birth, there is always Death... The End of Wisdom is Freedom..."

August 19, 1992

Today, all the boys moved front because it had started to rain heavily. Bhagavan came out after the interview, went into the Bhajan Hall and came up to the rear end of the portico. After spending some time there, He came through the lines to the front. One of the students, whose grandfather had passed away, knelt down.

Swami : I know! I know!… Your grandfather? (The student nodded.) Why fear? Where there is birth, there is always death. The body is like a water bubble. It has taken birth, but it will perish some day. So, do you want to go?

Student : No, Swami. I want to be with You!

Swami : Why fear when I am here and near? (Looking at a student holding a letter) House opening? (The student nodded.) I know, I know. 

(To a devotee from Delhi) Shall I materialise two bottles, glass and even cigarettes? 

(Then, in a serious tone to an educationist from Himachal Pradesh) Which is the worst quality? (The person was silent.) Some boys and girls drink and smoke. They are given too much freedom. It is the mistake of the parents. They don’t hold their children in control. The end of wisdom is freedom. It is the freedom of spirit, not this kind of animal freedom. 
(To another student) You also go; they are all waiting!

Student : No, Swami .

Swami : What do you want?

Student : I want only You. I want to live with You.

Swami : Why? Outside see – Money, family, friends…

Student : No, Swami, I want only You!

Swami : What is your name?(The student told Swami his name.) Do you know that it means? It means flute. Where is your flute?

Student : Swami, You must keep me with You.

Swami : Yes, the body is the flute. It has nine openings, like the flute. If you keep yourself hollow, like the flute, I will keep you with Me.

Student :  Swami, how to keep it like that?

Swami : You must make your body free from all vices like hatred, jealousy, ego, pride, vanity, etc… Then your body becomes, ‘hollow’ and pure. I will then accept it. Some do not understand the purity and Divinity of the atmosphere here. They want the outside atmosphere. See the devotees seated there – from Iran, Argentina, Italy and all countries. They are crying out of joy being here with Swami. Swami is always giving, giving and giving. See how happy the devotees are! 

Swami then went in and came out with a book. 
Swami : (to an elder) See, what is this?

The book had a hardbound cover of Sanathana Sarathi but also had something written in Persian. The official pointed this out. Swami showed the book to the Director of the Hospital, who knew Persian. But before he could read, Swami himself announced…

Swami : This is the Iranian issue of Sanathana Sarathi. In Iran, Sanathana Sarathi is printed and circulated in Persian language. See! Even in Russia and many other parts of the world, Sanathana Sarathi is circulated.


  1. Sairam Sir, Wonderful lesson to the entire world. By going through these conversations with our most beloved Bhagawan, I have the feeling of Bhagawan's immediate presence and very happy.

  2. No one would like to be away from Swami's, once He brings us near Him.Those students are very lucky ones. Gopal.M.


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