Pleading for His Pardon...

August 12, 1991

On Monday the 12th of August the boys got an opportunity to move forward on the upper portico, as it had rained. This was a golden chance to ask Swami’s pardon. As soon as Swami came out, He saw the boys sitting in the very front and a smile so sweet played on His lips. Swami blessed the birthday boys and at once, all the boys started pleading with Swami, 

Students    : Swami!  Please forgive us and talk to us! 

Swami : Why forgive you? No mistake on your part at all. You are all such good boys! See, how happy I am. All your gift only!

Boys kept pleading that Swami should talk to them and that Swami must bless them by resuming to come between the lines. 

Swami       : Here I am talking to you all. See, I am going in between the lines also.

So saying, He made a path near the last line close to the wall, and left the portico to give Darshan. Swami did not call anyone for interview. So, the moment He stepped on the portico, the pleading for His pardon began again. Swami looked annoyed.

Swami       : Why every time like this?  It is not a good habit. You must not keep asking like this. But, students prayed that they be pardoned.
Swami     : (with emphasis) Why do you keep asking for pardon?  You do not value your words at all. Always pleading ‘please, please’. How many times will this go on? Par-done, par-done! Always the same – Please Swami, Please Swami. Why have you stopped asking? Come on! Continue; as long as there is no value in your words, I will also listen through one ear and leave it through the other. Come on, continue asking. Let me see!

With this, a silence descended for some time. But, it broke again after a few minutes.

Swami        : What?  What do you want?

Students    : Swami! We want You!

Swami       : (immediately) I also want you!

Students    : But Swami must talk to us and bless the hostel by a visit.

Swami  : Hostel?  What is there in the Hostel? See, everything is here. You are also here only. So, why come to the hostel?

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