"Relationship between Teacher and Student should be like that of Mother and Child..."

August 3, 1997

Swami : How many boys  are there in II MBA? What exam do they have tomorrow?

Teacher : Production, Swami.
Swami : What is Production? Utpatti. What helps Production? Protection – Connection – Collection – Direction. Direction is very important. See the Primary School boys, if two small boys want to go to toilet, a big boy holds their hands and accompanies them. That is protection. Who helps production? C.A. Not Chartered Accountant, but Cost Accountant. He helps in the production. (To a student) You are the master of your mind, not a slave. Be a master, not a slave. Master your mind and become a Mastermind.

Teacher : Swami , speak to the teachers so that they can get Sumati.

Swami : All teachers have Sumati (good mind), but they are not following Sumarga (good path). The relationship between a teacher and a student should be like that of a mother and child (Vatsalya Bhava). But teachers have a feeling that they are the masters and are separate from students. Nachiketa was a great scholar. He had a son called Uddalaka. Nachiketa sent him to another Guru for higher studies. The Guru asked Uddalaka, “Your father is a highly learned scholar. Why did not you be a disciple to him?” Uddalaka answered, “My feelings towards him will be that of a son towards a father and his feelings towards me will be that of a father towards a son. Therefore, the Guru-Shishya relationship would not be possible.” (Swami quoted two lines from a Sanskrit sloka, which showed clearly what the attitude of a teacher to his pupils and vice versa should be.) A Guru should give Hita-Upadesha (Good message), i.e. what is good for his children (pupils) and in return, the duty of the student is to follow his Guru. Guru is the one who shows ‘Guri’ (aim). 

(Swami spoke to the person in charge of the deer park adjacent to Vidyagiri Stadium and enquired about the conditions of the animals) (To a teacher) Many years back, the Governor of Delhi presented Me with two deer, one male and one female. From then, their population grew and now they are 250 in number.

August 6, 1997

After the interview, Swami came towards birthday boys and blessed them. Seeing a student showing some cloves…

Swami : Netthi Paina Posuko. (Put it on your head) Tum Ko Samajh Mein Aaya, Main Kya Bola? (Did you understand, what I said?)

Student : Nahin (No) Swami.

Swami : I told you to keep them on your head. Are you from Jaipur or Jodhpur?

Student : Swami from Jaipur.

Swami : Jaipur and Jodhpur are almost like Hyderabad and Secunderabad, you can keep going from one place to another. 

(Turning to an Institute student) How are you, Hysteria? You and that boy… (Pointing to another student) Go to the mental hospital, two beds are reserved for you both. Go get a few shocks and then come back. (Jokingly)

Student : Swami what should I do after M.Sc?

Swami : Do Mrs!! (Swami moved a few steps and then turned back and told the student) Do some job. (Then Swami made his way towards the end of the 2nd block to supervise the construction work. To a devotee)  

Swami : Are you still studying?

Sevadal : Yes, Swami .

Swami : Which class?

Sevadal : Swami, Final year B.Sc.

Swami : Which subject are you studying?

Sevadal : Swami, Physics.

Swami : In which college are you studying?

Sevadal : Swami, J.B.P College in Orissa.

Swami : How is my college?

Sevadal : Swami, very nice.

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