Conversations with Students and Staff at The Hill View Stadium for the Unity Cup Cricket Match Preparations

December 23, 1997

This morning, Swami came to the ground and spent a lot of time with students. As Swami came and sat on the chair, the students started rushing towards Him. Some of the security personnel started pushing the students back. Swami immediately told them to allow students to be nearer to Him telling…
Sri Sathya Sai with Students at the Hill View Stadium for Sports Practice Sessions
Swami: Undanee… Undanee.. Kurchonee. (Let them be there, let them sit) (As soon as Swami sat, He noticed some of the sayings on billboards that had been placed all around the ground and commented…) Why same sayings everywhere, so much of paint waste and time waste. Why these billboards? Players’ concentration will be affected. (Looking at Sri V.K. Narasimhan, Editor, Santhana Sarathi and Former Editor-in-Chief, The Indian Express) 
Are they looking good? Sri V.K. Narasimhan thought that Swami was appreciating the arrangement of the billboards and said…

V.K.N : Yes, Swami very good.

Swami : Nee Thalakai good. (Your head!) 

Devotees cannot see the game properly.

V.K.N : Swami, if we keep them at little higher level they can be seen well.

Swami : If we keep like that, nothing can be seen. No one can see who catches the ball or who gets out.

V.K.N : But Swami, players may not be able to see the billboards.

Swami : Once in a while, when they are free they will certainly see them. 

Meanwhile, Swami heard a loud marching command…

Swami : Who is that Dunnapothu? He is shouting so loudly. It should be soft. The marching of the primary school children is perfect… So many people are going to come for the cricket match. Boys should march well. While marching, they should not wear shoes, since the flags have to be honoured and respected. They should carry the flags around the ground and then take them up to the Hanuman statue. Flags can be fixed to the arches in front of Hanuman statue. When the players as well as the devotees see their respective countries’ flags, they will feel very happy. 
Sri Sathya Sai arriving on the final day to the Hill View Stadium
Swami then gave specific instructions to the concerned people, regarding the beautification of the surroundings. Then, Swami enquired about the breakfast to be given to students on 30th December. In this context, the Warden Dr. Siva Sankara Sai mentioned to Swami that they had been giving pulses and ragi to the students everyday after Suprabhatam.

Swami : Pulses… How much? You give with a small spoon.

Warden : No Swami, handful of pulses and ‘ragi in milk’. (Swami immediately interrupted him and said in a lighter vein…)

Swami : Aay! Ragi in ‘water milk’ (Jokingly).  One cup milk and 10 cups of water! I know everything. In hostels outside, it is worse. 1 cup milk and 20 cups of water. Where is the School Hostel Warden (Sri Janardhanan)? 

Sch. Warden: Swami, everyday after Suprabhatam we are giving Viva or Bournvita (with milk).

Then Swami started enquiring about the flags of different nations. Swami talked to the students who were carrying the flags. Looking at one of the students…

Swami : Aay! Three mangoes, what is your flag? (That particular student came forward and explained to Swami about his flag. Then Swami asked the students around…) Why do I call him ‘Three mangoes’? (There was no answer from the students.) He is short!!

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