Sri Sathya Sai Conversations with Lion Dance Students – 2

December 12, 2001 (Wednesday) 

Inside Poornachandra Auditorium 

Swami came inside Poornachandra Auditorium at around 3.45 pm. By then, all the students were ready with their Lion costumes. Swami signalled to the students to start the practice. As per the directions of the coach, the students started the practice with all the Lions marching, followed by their individual performances. Swami then called two students who were wearing the costumes specially stitched and observed them. 

Then Swami instructed them to go and start the show. After the first Lion had finished its performance, Swami called them on to the stage. 

Swami : (Looking at the costumes they were wearing) The flaps on the pants should come on the shirts also. On what is it stitched?

Student : Swami, track pant.

Swami : (Pointing to the shirt) On top?

Student : Swami, T-shirt.

Swami : You should wear socks also.

Swami then looked at the Vice-Chancellor – Sri S. V. Giri, and told him that he should tell the two coaches to come. After everybody had finished their part, Swami called all the boys on to the stage.

Swami : (Pointing to the two students of a lion) Yesterday this pair jumped well, but today they did not do well. What happened?

Student : Swami, we were given the costumes today only. We did not have even one practice with the costumes.

Swami asked some of the students what the colour of their Lion was.

Swami : Whatever is the colour of the lion, you will get that colour sweet. 

Swami called a teacher from inside who came running with a box full of sweets. Swami distributed sweets one by one to all the students. When some of the sweet pieces fell on Swami’s robe, one student tried removing it with the kerchief. But Swami stopped him saying, “No, no, don’t do that. You eat first. (Looking at all the students) Koncham Vennaki Velli Tinandi (Go a little back and eat).” Swami then enquired if all the students got the sweets.

Two boys came running into Poornachandra Auditorium with a card.

Swami : Emiti Idi? (What is this?)

Students : Swami, Vedam competition.

Warden : Swami, today there is Vedam competition.
Sri Sathya Sai with Lion Dance Students in the Poornachandra Auditorium; Sri SV Giri Vice Chancellor is seen sitting behind
Swami read the contents of the card. 

Swami : Prasadam Tisukondi (Take Prasadam). (Swami instructed a person to give Prasadam to the two boys with the card.)

Warden : Swami, the other competitions like Orchestra were very good.

Swami : Aa Neeku Anni Manchiye. Naaku Manchi Pillalu Kaavaali (For you everything is good. I want good boys). (Pointing to one student and referring to the Orchestra competition) Veedu Kooda Unnadu (He is also there).

Students : (With the card) Swami, blessings.

Swami : Blessings Undi (Blessings are there).

Swami then asked for a pen and signed the card.

Swami : (To Warden pointing to another box of sweets) Bring that box and distribute.

Warden : (Seeing the packets of sweet) Swami, they are as big as the lion.

Swami : Break that one into pieces. It is not just one piece.

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