"With whom do you want to get married?"

December 3, 1997

Swami came towards birthday students and blessed them. 
Swami : (To one of them) What is your name?

Student : Arun Sai, Swami.

Swami : Which class are you studying?

Student : 2nd standard, Swami.

Swami : Where are you from?

Student : Swami, from You.

Swami : Very happy, Good student…good student.

Then Swami started signing photographs, which the birthday boys were holding. Since the primary school student was too small to give his photographs to Swami, another senior student tried to help him by holding the photograph and showing to Swami. Noticing this…

Swami : No recommendation. I am not a politician. Love is from heart to heart. Only  ‘I and You’ relationship. 
(Swami then moved on to the 3rd block and noticed a student trying to give a letter…)  Invitation card? Invitation card? 
(That student moved forward towards Swami with the letter in his hands.) Marriage invitation card!!!

Student : No Swami, sister’s letter.

Swami : Sister’s letter!!! (Swami accepted the letter from him and asked…) Where is your friend? (There was no reply from the student.)  With whom do you want to get married? (Swami often uses this word 'marriage' with lot of spiritual significance and not with its simple word-to-word meaning in the worldly parlance.) 
(There was no reply from the student. Then smilingly Swami asked...) 
In whom do you want to merge? 
(Very insightfully, Swami led the casual conversation from marriage to supreme mergence!) 

Student :  (Promptly) Swami, You. 

Swami very lovingly blessed him and moved on. Students participating in the mono acting competition had taken a card…

Swami : For you it is mono-acting. For me it is Maunam (silent) acting. 

Then Swami talked to a guest lecturer, who had come for the SBMAF workshop. He asked him if he was going to talk on Research & Development (R&D).

Guest : Swami, I am going to talk on 21st century views on HRD (Human Resource Development). 

Swami : (To a student) What is R&D?

Student : Research and Development.

Swami : (To another student) What is Science? (He was unable to answer)  Science is senses.

Guest : Swami, the factory has been well developed after Your visit. 

Swami : Factory is developed! What have you done for the sake of public? You have to do something for public.


  1. Blessed are the children who could converse with the divine form. Blessed are the parents who could happily say that their children are with Swamy.


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