Conversations on Preparations for the Unity Cup Cricket Match at Prasanthi Nilayam

December 19, 1997

Swami : (To the band leader) Band students will be wearing white shirt and white pant. I will give you all ties. The tie will have a logo of the cup. Who are the flag students? 
(The students got up) Practice well. I will come at 8:30 am. on the day of the match and by 9 am everything should be over. It will be nice if all the students are of equal height. March briskly. Who are the students who got the white dresses stitched? (Few students got up) How many of you?

Student : 50 students, Swami.

Swami : They will carry flags of different countries in front of the car. (To the Vice-Chancellor) Let students carrying country flags be in front of the car. Where are the flags that were kept here?
The International Flag hoisted on the final day by the Prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujral at the Hill View Stadium
V.C. : They are inside, Swami.

Swami : They will wear white dresses and put on a tie with the Unity cup emblem!!

V.C. : Swami, they will walk or run?

Swami : No running. Let them walk with the flags.

V.C. : Swami, Sai Gita…

Swami : No Sai Gita, (pointing to students and smiling) all these are Gitas.

Student : Should we go in threes?

Swami : Yes. Go in threes.

Student : By the  side of the car, Swami?

Swami : No, flags and students will hinder the view. People cannot see. Go in front of the car.
The SSSIHL Students Flag March on the Final Day
V.C. :  With music, Swami?

Swami : No, band students will play. They will not wear the regular dress. But, white dress with ties. Flag March, bands, all these will look new and nice to the players. Usually they give a shake hand and start. It will be new. I will come at 8: 30 am and everything must be over by 9 am, even the Jyoti lighting.
Prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujral and Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu with Sri Sathya Sai watching the torch lighting ceremony atop the Hill at Vidyagiri in Prasanthi Nilayam

Swami : (To a student) Did you go to Sabarimala?

Student : Swami, my brother went to Sabarimala.

Swami : No, morning you were wearing black dress.

Student : Swami, I went for jogging.

Swami : Oh! Jogging…

Students : Swami, captains… Padanamaskar.

Swami : What, captains? One captain is fine. Twenty captains will spoil everything.

After the interviews…

Swami : The Ex-Vice chancellor, Dr. Saraf has passed away. (Dr. Somnath Saraf was the second Vice Chancellor of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning and served in that post from 1985-1991)
Dr Somnath Saraf, Second Vice Chancellor of SSSIHL with Sri Sathya Sai - November 22, 1990
V.K.N : Swami , He was a very good person.

Swami : (Swami then went on to the middle of the first block and spoke to the Institute  Warden.) What all programmes are you putting up on 30th morning? All the programmes should be well planned. It should start at 8:30 am and end by 9 am. All the 100 students should wear ties and the special dresses must be given to them.

As Swami moved forward, another student got up and asked Swami…

Student : Swami I cannot hear properly.

Swami : It is better. What is worth in this world to listen?

Student : Swami, very bad ear pain.

Swami : (Looking at him with a mischievous smile) It will be better if you are blind also! (Looking at another student) Won’t it be better?

Student : If we are blind we cannot see You, Swami.

Swami moved on to the primary school student and spoke to him. The student was having some eye problem) (Pointing to a photograph) Can you see the photo?

Student : Yes Swami .

Swami : (Pointing towards V.K.N) Can you see that Musalivadu? (Old man)

Student : Yes Swami. 

Swami smiled and then moved on to the third block.

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