"How many Idlis did you eat?"

February 19, 2002 (Tuesday)

After blessing the birthday boys, Swami came to the place where the teachers sit.
Swami: (To Prof. Anil Kumar) You came just now. You went at 3.30 and came at 4.30! (To a Visiting Faculty) Where is your wife? I was looking for her, but did not see her. (The teacher tried to show Swami) Can you see her from here? You know the saree she wears and so you can identify her. (To a teacher) What news?

Teacher: By Your grace, I do not have any problems. Because of Your Prasadam, my health is fine.

Swami: How is Anil Kumar?

Teacher: He looks very energetic, Swami!

Swami: He seems to be like that.

Teacher: Swami, he looks very happy.

Swami: (To Prof. Anil Kumar) If you eat well, you will be happy! How many Idlis did you eat? (Swami was asking through sign language – 3,4?)

Prof. A.K. : On an average, Swami.

Swami : One in Sambhar, One in buttermilk!

Teacher : One in pickle!

Swami : He does not have with pickle. (To a School student) How are you Himachal Pradesh?

Student:  Fine, Swami.

Swami: Plague is now in control. Many specialists from Delhi went there. (To another School student) How is your father?

Student: Fine, Swami. Our place was not affected by plague. Places above in the hills were affected.

Swami: Your place is very low. (Then reading a wedding card that a student had given Him earlier. He asked the student if it was his brother’s wedding card. To another School student) How is your lion? (from the lion dance)

Student: Fine, Swami.

Swami : Manchidi. (To a teacher) You cannot see properly. (The teacher replied in the affirmative.)

Prof. A.K. : If he puts on glasses, it will be alright.

Swami: You are not doctor sir. (The students start coming to the front.)

Warden: Swami, Burra Katha. (The Warden was requesting permission to present a Burra Katha by the students in the Divine presence.)

Swami: V.C. and Registrar saw it and said that it was not up to the University standards. (Swami tells one of the students to call the Vice-Chancellor, Sri Giri. To the Vice-Chancellor) How is Burra Katha?

V.C.: It is not up to University standards. For the Hostel, it is OK.

Swami: On 23rd, 1,800 devotees are coming here after attending some festival. (Then Swami spoke about a devotee who was staying in the Hospital. He said that the Hospital provides food that suits the patient.) Last year, one boy used to sit here, where is he now?

Teacher: He was a School boy, Swami. Now he is doing B.Com. in the Brindavan Campus.

Swami: Is B.Com. not offered here?

Teacher: No. Swami. Only in Brindavan Campus.

Swami: There, enough place is there. Here, enough place is not there. (To Prof. Anil Kumar) What are Sapta Gunas?

Prof. A.K. : Swami, I do not know about the Sapta Gunas. I know only about the Tri Gunas.

Swami: What are they?

Prof. A.K. : Sattva, Rajas and Tamo Guna, Swami.

Swami: (To a School student) What are you studying?

Student: 11th class, Swami.

Swami: (To the School Warden – Sri Janardhanan) How is he in class? Is he like his brother? 
(To the student) You talk more. (Some sound was coming from outside.) What is that?

Prof.A.K.: Canteen Generator, Swami.

Teacher: Bore well, Swami.

Swami: One is telling bore well, one is telling generator. Everything is imagination. In my view, this is the sound produced when a motorcycle is started. 
(After some time) All faces are looking new!

Prof. A.K. : From June it was like Summer for us, Swami. You started coming here and spending time with us only from the past two days. Otherwise, all are old faces only, Swami. 
(Then Swami called all the M.Tech. students and blessed their dissertations.) Who is S.V. Giri?

Students: Vice-Chancellor, Swami.

Swami: Who is B. Chandrashekhar? Classmate! (The students replied in the affirmative. Then Swami enquired from each of them as to where they had come from. He blessed all of them and then went to the interview room.)

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