"How to Please You, Swami?"

February 10, 1997,  Evening

The M.B.A. students were pleading with Swami to accompany them on their Madras trip. But Swami was always changing the topic. But the students kept pleading with Him to come with them for their educational trip…

Student: Swami, we are like Your shadows. How can we go without You?

Swami: That is right. But you all can be accommodated in Srinivasan’s (Sri V. Srinivasan, All India President, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations; Former President, Confederation of Indian Industry) guest house. But there is no accomodation for Swami’s devotees at Madras.

Student: Swami, without You, we have no value!

Swami: Sai less…value less.

Another student was trying to give a letter to Swami. When Swami came near him…

Student: Swami, How to please You?

Swami: What?

Student: Swami, How to please You?

Swami: (To another student…jokingly) Ay boy, do you know where the mental hospital is, in Bangalore? Take this man, admit him there, and come back. (Getting no reply, Swami repeated the same in Kannada.) Do you know where the mental hospital is?

Student : Yes, Swami.

Swami: You know where it is, in Bangalore?

Student : No, Swami.

Swami: It is near Vincent Gardens. (NIMHANS)  Take him there, admit him, and come back. (Swami showed another student to the teacher)

Swami: Take this student also with you. (To Prof. A.K) Why did you send Me the sweets which were given to you by your brother?

Prof.A.K: Swami, he brought them for an auspicious occasion. That is why I sent them.

Swami: Did you eat Payasam nicely?

Prof.A.K: Yes, Swami .

Swami: When is your brother leaving?

Prof.A.K: Tomorrow, Swami.

Swami: If possible, ask him to stay for two or three more days. Have you seen?  So many lady devotees (from China) have come.

Prof.A.K: Yes, Swami. I have seen, Swami.

Swami: Tomorrow, they are coming in three planes.

Prof.A.K: Three planes, Swami!

Swami: Actually, they wanted to land directly in Puttaparthi.  But as they are coming from a different country, they have to go through the customs checking at Bangalore. From Bangalore, they will be coming tomorrow.

Prof.A.K: So, Swami, they cannot come directly?

Swami: After the formalities are completed in Bangalore, they will come. They all are Swami‘s devotees. They all are coming only to see Swami. They won’t go anywhere else from Bangalore. The moment customs clearance is given, they will leave for Puttaparthi. (To an elderly devotee) What is your height?  (He did not reply.)  5’1?

Devotee: 5'1'', Swami.

Swami: I am taller than You! (Jokingly)

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