"It is our responsibility to give and their right to ask..."

February 17, 2002 (Sunday)

Swami: (To a professor) What is your son’s age?

Prof. SB: Swami, 22 years.

Swami: 25 years is good age for marriage. (When the professor asked Swami as to what his son should do after completing M.Sc., Swami told him that he should pursue research. Subsequently, Swami mentioned that in the morning, He gave interview to the doctors who were going to perform a complex operation.) If a patient comes to our hospital today, then the next day he walks out perfectly all right. (Swami then called one of the doctors present out there and asked him to narrate the story. After the doctor narrated the experience, Swami remarked.) It is only Adbhutam, not Apadham (It’s a wonder, not a lie). 

(Swami was then mentioning about the Chennai Water Project and said) Chennai water supply project is coming up. Water has to be supplied for one crore people. (One of the teachers asked Swami about the foundation stone to be laid.) I am not going for that. I only go for the inauguration. For the previous water project also, I went only for inauguration. Today, only foundation stones are laid but no work is carried out. Ultimately there will only be stones! (Smiling)

Teacher: Swami, one should ask ‘Who am I’?

Swami: Yes.

Teacher: Then, why is man not doing so?

Swami: This is because of ego. Man is interested in other things. When you ask him, ‘Who are you?’ He will first tell his profession, then his nationality and so on and finally he will say ‘I am I’. All these are related to body. Body is like a car. You need to apply oil, fill petrol and wash it regularly. One should take care of his body.

Teacher: So Swami, we need to go inward.

Swami: Nivrutti (inward path) is very easy. Pravrutti (outward path) is difficult. It is very easy to leave it. (Saying so, Swami dropped His kerchief from His hand). Less luggage, more comfort. 

Swami then called the Vice-Chancellor. When he arrived, Swami asked Prof. Anil Kumar to tell him about the students who have gone to U.S.A.

Prof. A. K.: The two students sent by Bhagavan to U.S.A., secured 100 out of 100 in their examination. Their Professors were very pleased by their conduct. They were awarded 500 dollars. They said, “We have come here to learn, not to earn.” Saying so they gave back the money and asked them to use it for the poor patients who come to hospital.

V. C.: Swami, only Your students can achieve such things.

Swami: They wrote a letter mentioning their arrival. They will be coming here soon. When are the exams starting?

Students: Swami, 1st March, Board exams start.

Swami: When are the Post Graduate exams starting?

Students: Swami, March 15th. 

Swami: Operation was performed in Brindavan Super Specialty Hospital on a two hour old child. It was a complex operation involving the brain and the heart. In Puttaparthi, heart and liver operation was performed.
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences Complex, Bangalore
Swami then asked a hospital doctor to narrate the case. The doctor taking Swami’s permission narrated few other incidents to the students and teachers. He said that medicines for poor people are being sent by post. 

Swami: It is our responsibility to give and their right to ask.

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