"Strive for Mother India’s welfare..."

February 22, 1993 

After giving interviews, Bhagavan casually came to the verandah, looked at an affluent devotee, and said:
Swami: You have accumulated crores and crores.  Now you are launching a huge project. Is it a ₹100 crores project? No, it is a ₹500 crores project. Of what use is all this wealth if it does not benefit others? The huge wealth you are investing will earn you a profit of ₹1,000 crores. Does it really benefit you? Your desire to make money robs you of your peace of mind. Engage yourself in philanthropic projects, which will earn you peace of mind in the years to come. Start an educational institution, a hospital and even other institutions of help and service. 

Bhagavan looked at another devotee and said…

Swami: You have accumulated ₹10 crores - Yes or No?

Devotee: Yes, Swami.

Swami: This person started his career as a newspaper hawker.  He had no shelter. He had to sleep on the pavements of Surat (Gujarat). Gradually, he made much money. What have you done with all that? 

Devotee: Swami, ‘Chhod Diya’ (I have given up).

Swami: How did you give up? (The devotee was silent.) Yes, you gave it to a Trust. Stagnant water stinks, whereas the water that flows is conducive to health. Wealth accumulated should be used for noble cause; otherwise, the money will stink. The water from pools evaporates, into clouds and falls as showers of sweet water, and is enjoyed by all. Similarly, wealth too.  But it is not easy for everyone to give up. But this Pagal (mad one) has done that. 
(To another devotee) Strive for Mother India’s welfare. Let your money be spent for a worthy cause. 

(To the X and XII class students) See, how I speak to these elders?  I treat them as if they were My children. That is why I speak with such strong conviction.

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