“Are you Kaurava or Pandava?”

July 24, 1992

Today, there were no interviews and Bhagavan spent most of the time outside talking to students. Grabbing the opportunity, all the students prayed that Bhagavan bless the Hostel with a visit.

Swami : Why? What will you give Me?

Students   : We shall give ourselves.

Swami : You can give Me yourself here itself! Why go to the hostel? Anyway, you give Me what I want?

All the students nodded.
Swami : (Jokingly) Well, I want ‘fish’ Sambar!
All the students burst into laughter! Then Swami added…

Swami : Yes! I want ‘fish’ and not ‘selfish’. Fish can at least clear the dirt in the water. But selfish is bad. Fish water is therefore pure and clean. I want that.
(Bhagavan thus emphasised on the need for being selfless through the pun on the words ‘fish’ and ‘selfish’)

Swami : Students must basically know the three P’s – Purity, Patience and Perseverance. When you have Purity, you will automatically gain Perseverance-the determination to persist on the Godly path.

Swami then asked a small boy.
Swami : Are you a good or bad boy?

Student : I am whatever You say, Swami!

Swami : No! Whatever you say that will be so. You sometimes fight with others. That is wrong. All are brothers. But even among brothers there can be fights – like Kauravas and Pandavas. Are you Kaurava or Pandava?

Student : Swami, I am Pandava. 

Swami : Pandava! That means there is a Kaurava group in the hostel (Jokingly)! No, No all must live like brothers and not enemies.

Then Bhagavan abruptly turned towards the interview room and said,
Swami : Oh! If I start talking to you, hours will simply fly by…
On the way back Swami stopped near the doctors of the Super Speciality Hospital and explained to them how they should be treating patients. 

Swami : You must explain and inspire them about their health. Never complain!

Bhagavan then spoke to teachers and students about the forthcoming trip of Home Minister SB Chavan and President of India Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma.
President of India with Sri Sathya Sai
(later that year President Sharma was the Chief Guest for the SSSIHL Convocation)
Swami : I told the President that it would be inconvenient for the devotees here if a vast entourage comes with him. The President accepted Swami’s wishes and sent a message to the effect that ‘none’ of the VIPs must accompany him, except local officials.

Swami : He is leaving them all behind at Tirupati and coming here alone. The security people were a bit troubled, but the President told them that Sai is all my security. I do not need anything more.

Swami : See, how these people listen to Swami’s words. Only a broad mind can understand My words (Jokingly) Students are all having very narrow minds!

Students: No, Swami.

Swami : No, what?

Students: We listen to Your words.

Swami : Do you?

Students : Yes Swami.

Swami : All right then, Keep quiet now! (Smiling)

Hearing this, all started laughing. Then one of the student asked Swami if his father could settle down here in Puttaparthi.

Swami : Why?

Student : He wants to serve the Master.

Swami : All are Masters.

Student : But Swami, He wants to serve God.

Swami : All are Gods.

Saying so Swami went to the interview room as Bhajans began.

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