"You should never dump waste in the oceans..."

July 22, 1991

Today was the first of a four-day Management Development Programme at the Institute.  Swami came to the MBA students who had participated in the programme, after evening Darshan. 
After inquiring about the lectures given by the guest speakers, He then inquired about the inaugural discourse, which He had given that morning in the Institute Auditorium.  

He then told the students, “Businessmen dump all the wastes from their factories into lakes and rivers and pollute them.  In Bombay, they dump the wastes even into the ocean. You should never do such things. If you do so, your own families will be affected later. You should not even join such companies. It is better to engage yourselves by doing small jobs than managing such companies.”

Speaking about the photo exhibition that was organized by the II year MBA students, He said:
“The exhibition was good, considering the fact that it was organised in a short span of time.  But, the exhibition as such is not important. What is more important is that you should please Swami. If you please Swami, you will please the whole world. A drop of water on your palm, if put into the ocean, becomes one with it. But, if it remains on your palm, it evaporates in no time. So, if you please Swami then you will be pleasing the whole world.”

Bhagavan then shifted to the topic of advertising.  He asked, “Why does one advertise?”  He Himself gave the answer, “If the products are not of good quality, then one has to advertise them to sell them. But, if the quality of the products is good, then they will be sold automatically and there will not be any stock pile.”

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