“God is wisdom, not knowledge.”

July 6, 1997 

Swami: (To MBA students) Yesterday I told Registrar and VC, Aaj 7:30 Ko Aata Hai, Car Bhi Aane Ke Liye Bola. Kyon Boys Idhar Aaya. MBA boys bundle of letters Laaya. Humko Nahin Diya. 
[Yesterday I told the Registrar (Prof. A. V. Lakshminarasimham) and VC (Prof. G. Venkataraman) that I would come today at 7:30. I asked the car also to be brought. Why have the boys come here? MBA boys have brought a bundle of letters but did not give it to me.]
Swami: (To a visiting Professor)  When did you come?

Prof.: Friday.

Swami: When are you going?

Prof: Today.

Swami: Why did you come?

Prof.: To see You.

Swami : See. See I am here. What are you teaching?

Prof.: International Financial Management.

Swami: Are you teaching marketing?

Prof.: Swami, if you want I can teach that also.

Swami: There is no balance between Pound and Dollar, it is all fluctuating. When are you coming again?

Professor: Swami, 27th.

Swami: This month?

Professor: Yes Swami

Swami: Waste of money.

Professor: It is vacation time there, Swami.

Swami: How much do you spend for coming to Parthi from New York?

Professor: 1,000 dollars.

Swami: Money waste.

Another teacher: Swami, it is for You.
(Swami gave Namaskar to the visiting Professor)

Swami: (Referring to the professor) Bahut Achha Teacher Hai. (He is a very good teacher.) He teaches Business Management in New York.

Swami: (To a devotee) Where is your wife? Wife from Nepal and he is from Holland.(Speaking to three old students working in a factory in Bangalore) Why do you come every week? Misuse of money. How much do you get?

Old Student: Swami, ₹8000, free accommodation, free transport.

Swami: What did you study before your MBA?

Old Student 1: Swami, BE (Mechanical).

Swami: (To another old student) And what did you study?

Old Student 2: M.Sc (Chemistry), Swami.

Swami: All ‘O’ grades. (To another old student) And you?

Old Student 3: B.A (Economics).

Swami: Who is Jnana Deva?

Old Student: God of Knowledge.

Swami: From a worldly point of view, Jnana means knowledge. But in a spiritual sense, it is wisdom. God is wisdom, not knowledge. Nothing makes everything. Everything makes nothing. This is Jnanacharita (nature of Jnana). 
(To a teacher) When I came back from Madras, nobody was in Brindavan. Only six boys were there, so I took them to Kodaikanal. (To a student) Tamil? Hindi? (Answering Himself) Kerala?

Student: Yes, Swami.

Swami: Which place?

Student: Ernakulam, Swami.

Swami: Since when are you studying here?

Student: Three years, Swami.

Swami: 10th class?

Student: No, Swami. 3rd year BA.

Swami: Add ‘D’ to BA, then it becomes ‘BAD’. (Jokingly)

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