"What is Chemistry? What is the meaning of Medicine?"

July 23, 1992

Today in the evening, all boys prayed to Bhagavan to come to the Hostel…

Swami : Where is the hostel? Give Me the address.

Student : Swami, You know where it is.

Swami : Yes I know. This (Mandir) is your hostel. It is your real hostel.

After sometime…
Swami : Who has games and sports today? 1st year or 2nd year P.G?

Student : No, Swami. Third year boys have games.

Swmi : How do you know? Information collecting! Where are the B.Com boys? Games? All  morning games and evening games.

Referring to the programme the third year boys presented on ‘Security Scam’ that morning Swami asked…
How was the programme today? It was slightly long. The one hour programme could have been completed in half an hour. No new programme for MBA boys. Second year boys have exams next month. The marks obtained in this exam will be added to the final exams. The II-MBA boys did not have any holidays during Dasara. But then, your quality of understanding will be very good. It is for your good only.

Swami    : Now there is not much demand in the market; because of this production has gone down. Economy of all countries like America, Japan, England, and Russia has been affected. 

Bhagavan then asked about what the different teachers taught them. To a visiting professor… 

Swami : Which subject?

Prof : Swami, Physics.

Swami : Oh, Physics! What is Physics? 

Students : Swami, study of matter.

Swami : (To the Professor) What is Chemistry?

Prof : Swami, it is the study of atoms.
Swami : Yes, correct. Anu Padartham. (Then taking a photograph in His hand) There is Anu Padartham in this. By combination it is now Ghana Padartham. In Chemistry, all chemicals are joined like this.

Swami : (To a student) Did your in-laws come? (explaining) What is the meaning of in-law? In-Love is Mother. In-Law is Mother-In-Law. That is not legal, but this is. There is so much of meaning hidden in the word itself. What is this? You say it is a photo. No, this is a Padartha = Pada + Artham, i.e., Word + Meaning. Even this is made of atoms. 

Swami then took a fistful of groundnuts, and threw it to the boys
Swami : Here, eat atoms! 

(Changing the topic to medicine, He asked a doctor) 
Swami : Doctor, what is the meaning of Medicine? 

Doctor : Swami, it is a study of disease and drugs.

Swami : Not study of ‘disease’. It is study of ‘This-is’! How many kinds of disease are there? (Getting all varieties of answers, Bhagavan Himself then said) There are 3 kinds of disease – those of Vata, Pitta, and Slesha. (Those that originate in Respiratory, Bile and Phlegm respectively). Vata consists of 54 kinds of disease, Pitta - 324 and Slesha - 82. Hunger is also a disease. Anger, jealousy, and ego – these are not natural to man. These are all animal qualities, not human qualities. So, they are diseases too. Love, compassion  and expansion – these are all human qualities.

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