Can I do whatever I want?

Human life has all the faculties and the powers of the five elements, the five life sheaths and the five senses. Right from dawn to dusk, right from the time we get up till we go to bed, there are many things that give us happiness. You get, in this world, whatever you want. God has gifted man everything, from mud to diamonds, so that man would be happy. He gave man all sorts of conveniences and comforts. God gave us independence of all sorts. He gave us the whole creation. In this apparent world you can enjoy everything beyond limits. You can act as per your likes and dislikes, whims and fancies. Everything is God’s creation. The Creator created this creation and gave it for all – from an ant to Brahman. Nothing needs to wait for God’s command. This is the law of nature. You can proceed in the way you like, with the temperament that suits you and derive happiness from everything. But God has made one stipulation-regulation. You can enjoy everything whether good or bad, sacred or unsacred, but you are bound to face the consequences of your actions. Knowing that man has to face the consequences of his actions, he should decide the path that he wants to tread and the actions he wants to undertake.

As is the seed so is the fruit, as is the action so is the reward.
Don’t imagine that you will be able to achieve that, and don’t tire yourself imagining like that. 
You are here because of the fact that you have sown the seeds in the past and you will reap according to the seeds that you have sown. 
Is it possible to reap another fruit while the seed sown was altogether different? 
Whatever you may do, everything will be counted one after another, without dropping anything either good or bad, God will send you to this earth with a heavy necklace – a necklace with beads of your past actions.

God never commands man to do this or that.

The decision is left to man. You have to decide what is good and what is not. 
You sow poisonous seeds but expect sweet fruits out of it and ultimately you blame God, for you cannot eat the bitter fruits.
But can you blame God? No.
He gave you full independence that you can enjoy.
However, in that state of independence, you should be able to judge what is permanent and what is transient.

At the time when we are born, no necklace is seen, not even a necklace of pearls, nor there is a gold chain either.
The chain of diamonds is not shining there, there is nothing like precious stones.
However there is one necklace round our neck,
The necklace with the beads of our past actions.

God, therefore, will never object. Go on as you like, either with good or bad, but remember that the regulation is that you are bound to face the consequences of your actions. Those who know this truth and conduct themselves in accordance will be totally blissful. In all aspects of our lives, in all fields of work, whether moral, righteous or spiritual, we should examine what is transient and what is permanent and then start acting. 

If you deceive a friend, you will be deceived by another. You will get the same respect from your younger brother which you give to your elder brother. Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavati, which means we must necessarily face the consequences of our actions. Therefore, think well before proceeding in the wrong direction. God never says no to anything. But think of the consequences of your actions. Then you will never proceed in the wrong direction. You will sanctify your time by entertaining good actions. 


  1. I absolutely love the selection of the first picture. It's as if Swami has reacted on our behalf. :-)



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