The First Public Discourse by Sri Sathya Sai

Saturday, October 25, 1947

Sri Sathya Sai in Karur - 1947

Baba reached Karur on the night of 25th of October. There was such a large gathering that a Police force was called in to maintain order. Baba stayed in the house of Sri M.G.Rajagopal Chettiar during the visit.

On the 26th morning, Baba gave Darshan from the verandah in the first floor of the house He was staying at. A ten-foot high stage was erected for Baba to sit on and address the gathering. Noticing the inconvenience of the devotees He too joined them on the floor and then gave a speech about His childhood. This was the first known public Discourse by Baba. In Karur, Baba visited the houses of Sri Ramachandra Chettiar and Sri S.A.K. Ramamurthy Chettiar.



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