We have come to tell You our Heart's Feelings... Apne Dil Kee Pukaar...

Apne Dil Kee Pukaar Aayen Hain Tujhko Sunaane
Haathon Mein Aashaa Ki Jyoti Hamaare (2)
Aayen Hain Dar Pe Tere Sar Ko Jhukaane (Apne Dil...)
Tere Bin Soona Lage Jag Saara
Tere Bin Apnaa Na Koyi Hamaaraa
Jab Se Tujhko Hai Paayaa O Sai, Tujhko Dil Mein Basaayaa Hai O Sai (2)
Tere Liye Hai Ye Jism-O-Jaan (Apne Dil...)
Sai Deep Ban Kar Ham Jagmagaayenge
Aur Ye Geet Ham Sadaa Gungunaayenge
Sang Tere Rahenge Ham O Sai,
Duniya Ko Khushiyon Se Bhar Denge O Sai (2)
Tujhse Hamaare Hain Do Jahaan (Apne Dil...)


We have come to share our hearts' feelings with You
We have in our hands the lights of hope
We have come to Your doorstep to offer our obeisance
We feel so lonely without You
We have none other than You
Since you have established Yourself in our hearts, our lives are for You.
We will spread light as the lamps of Sai
And we shall ever sing this song
We shall ever stay with You
We shall fill the world with joy
You encompass our lives and our world


  1. Can anyone please give the meaning of the entire song



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