MANAGER Redefined - Part 7: Sri Sathya Sai Paradigm


What role do these rules play in the present circumstances? Rules should be followed without violating, changing, manipulating or creating any conflict in conscience. When business environment undergoes changes, we should recognise the cause for such changes [i]. If we change the type of raw-materials from one level of quality to another, the market for the merchandise also changes. For instance, in a soap factory, the raw material of soaps will be in the liquid state. Then, in the process of soap making, the liquid is kept in moulds. Then, to solidify this, the required amount of air is blown into it. If the raw material happens to be of a different quality, the outer layer becomes solid but the interior part of it may continue to remain in a fluid state. If soaps of such quality at such stage reach the shelves of the retailers in the market, it will not be sold. Even if they are sold by mistake to the unsuspecting / credulous customers, the brand image will take a beating in the market. Here, we should follow the rules (quality standards) properly. If the quality is exceptional, whatever be the state of other variables in the business environment, we will not face any unfavourable consequences. Our business environment, which comprises various elements such as the market, factory, workers and raw materials, should be properly studied. 

Vishwamitra and Lord Rama

Vishwamitra with Lord Rama and Lakshmana
Vishwamitra was master of all types of skills and one who had performed a lot of penance. He had all kinds of weapons under his command. What is the inner implication in his seeking the help of Lord Rama? When he was performing the Yajna, could he not himself protect the same from the demons? If he were to use his spiritual powers for his own work, it would amount to selfishness. The sacrifice was meant for the welfare of the entire world. He understood that only a Divine person would be capable of taking care of the well-being of the entire world. Weapons and powers in the hands of a Divine person, in addition to being safe, would also get sanctified. Recognising this truth, he gave the weapons to Lord Rama and sought His protection for the Yajna.


[i] A regulation, law, guideline.

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