MAD for You, Swami...

October 29, 1998

Student : Swami, Poornachandra session Ke Liye Bula Deejiye (Swami, please call us for Poornachandra session.)
Swami : Bula Deejiye, Bula Deejiye. Do you know how much work is going on in Poornachandra? They are stitching and embroidering the gowns for the convocation.
Student : Swami, can we also help in stitching.
Swami : If you help, there will be no convocation! Embroidering work is going on. (To another student) Emi Ra? (What is the problem?)
Student : Swami, I want to leave the world and come with You.
Swami : Where?
Student : Everywhere.
Swami : Not everywhere. Anywhere. (To another student) Where are you from?
Student : Machilipatnam.
Swami : (To the other students) What is the meaning of Machilipatnam? It is also called Bandar because there are many monkeys. 

(To the student) What is your father doing?
Student : Swami, he is running a hotel.
Swami : He left the hotel and he is working in the canteen here.
Student : He has given it for lease.
Swami : Good. He can rely on whatever comes and be relaxed.
Student : Swami, he left it to do service here.

Swami : What are you studying?
Student : Swami, B.A.
Swami : What is BA plus D?
Student : (Hesitantly) BAD. (Swami smiled)
Swami : (To another student) What are you studying?
Student : M.A, Swami.
Swami : MA plus D is…?
Student : MAD for You, Swami.
Swami : Your mother is a doctor. Is it not?
Student : Yes, Swami.
Swami : She can cure you. Which subject in M.A.?
Student : M.A. English, Swami.
Swami : After MA do Ph. D. Many boys are doing research in English…

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