Reward-Punishment Mechanism for Employees: Sri Sathya Sai Perspective

Workers’ unions and associations conduct themselves in a narrow way. What is the meaning of ‘union’? Living together with decorum and concern is union. Suppose a worker commits a mistake and after going through the legitimate procedure laid down, is penalised, the other workers raise an agitation against the management. If the worker has committed a grave mistake, the workers themselves should take him to task. If the worker is not punished, he will continue to commit mistakes again and again. If there is no punishment for mistakes committed, the business will suffer losses. We have to recognise such delicate truths. 

Today, we do not find such people who recognise these things of their own and conduct themselves accordingly. They preach one thing but practice another that is contrary to the precept. People go on taking notes when the lecture is in progress, but do they conduct themselves in accordance with the guidelines provided? Educated youth are expected to conduct themselves in a decent manner. They will have to put into practice what they have learnt. We have to foster the values of morality and truth. There is no use of living if you do not practice human values. Some people consider human values to be good behaviour and right conduct. But human values are more than that. They are indicated in the equation below:

Right conduct + Truth + Peace + Non-violence = Human Values

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