Swami... Elections are going on...

February 16, 1998

While coming to the third block, Swami was collecting the letters in His hand and putting them in a big envelope…

Swami : Students write lengthy letters. Why? Three or four lines are sufficient. Swami receives thousands of letters by post and another thousand by hand post. I know   the contents, but I receive them for their satisfaction. Some people write on both the sides of the paper, so big… very less meaning. 

He called out to a teacher having a letter in his hand.
Swami : (Remarking) I know, I know.

Swami opened the letter and to everybody's surprise the letter was of the same length about what Swami remarked (both sides of paper).
(To a hospital boy) No Hospital today?

Hosp Boy : No Swami , election.
Swami : There is no connection between election and selection. Then why?  … Have you ever voted in Bombay?
Hosp Boy : No, Swami. But I voted here.
Student : I went along with the students in the  hostel.

After a while Swami again remarked about the length of the letter to another Hospital boy…
Swami : Big letter and no essence. (To one of the students) How is your father? 
Student : Fine Swami.
Swami : Yesterday was Sunday. Why did he not come?
Student : He has gone to Sabari Mala, Swami .
Swami : Mother also?
Student : No Swami .
Swami : How he could he go without your mother ?  He cannot move even an inch without her!… How come he being from North India has gone to Sabari Mala?
Student : We live in South India, Swami.
Swami : How about the black dress? He wears it only at home? (The student just smiled) 
Teacher  : When will the country become stable, Swami? Elections are going on…lots of problems in the country.
Swami : Problems will always be there. Everything depends on the people’s minds.

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