God is a Postman

Sri Sathya Sai - The Divine Postman

Where is God? Deho Devalayo Prokto Jeevo Deva Sanatanah – The body is the temple of God. God is in the temple of the body. So wherever you go, God follows you. He is coming with you. He is in you, around you. God is always with you. 

If you think that God is witness to all the actions, then you will not do any bad actions. You should think, “God is with me, how can I do a bad action? God will not do any of the bad actions. There is God wherever I go. It is not God who is omnipresent, I am omnipresent.”  You have to develop that kind of confidence. Not just God, but you too are omnipresent. Your Karma and your actions are also omnipresent. If you have that firm faith, then you will not indulge in any bad actions. You should not think, “I am doing some actions and God is going to give the results.” The postman comes and delivers letters to the given address. Does he write the letter? He doesn’t write the letter to you. The letter which is addressed to you is given to you by the postman. The matter in the letter is related to you and not with the postman. You see the letter and you are happy, but that happiness is not given by the postman. Many times you see the letter and cry, but that grief is not given by the postman. The letters addressed to you is given by the postman. 

God is like a postman. The results addressed to you because of your previous actions are handed over to you. The worldly postman cannot change the contents of the letter. But God who is a postman, can change the bad results into good, if you pray to Him properly. 

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