Sri Sathya Sai provides Values-Based Solutions to Financial Problems - Part 2

... Continued from Part 1

4. Education based on Indian Culture and Ethos

A large number of students are going to foreign countries for higher education. The education and skills they have acquired in that country might not be useful when it comes to practical business situation back in their homeland – meaning educational qualifications acquired in America are not totally relevant to conditions existing in India. The educational inputs received in USA could be relevant to American situations and requirements, but may not be relevant to the same extent in India. Besides, what one learns in overseas universities and business schools could even become barriers in Indian conditions and business environment. The basic reason for this is that the environment, values and culture in other countries could vary from that existing in India. As more and more money is amassed, the qualities and character are likely to take a beating. 

Winston Churchill (1874-1965)
We know of Churchill as a great leader. At the end of World War II, London was in a complex situation. After the war, he came to London to get a first-hand assessment of all that had happened. All the citizens gathered in a public meeting to felicitate Churchill for his great contribution. As part of the meeting he was required to address the gathering.  He addressed in a charged atmosphere thus: “I have not come here for celebrations but just to recall the sacrifices made by those for their motherland during World War II. I have come to commemorate the victory which we have won by making many sacrifices.” We have to thus foster and develop our own values. 

What is the meaning of the term ‘values’? It means that we would experience bliss only if we annihilate our ego. It should be remembered that only the one who can get rid of one’s ego would attain the strength of the Atman dwelling within one’s own self. The one who has conviction that he is essentially Atman alone can annihilate the ego. Therefore, first we should develop Self-confidence. Even in the small works that we may undertake, our conscience must stand as our own witness. If you undertake work with this spirit, you will succeed in all your endeavours. One should not exult to make an impression on the world in an artificial manner by means of figures and tabular statements (referring to statistical data). The same statistics have been described in Vedantic parlance as Sankhya Yoga. Sankhya refers to statistics and Sankhya Yoga conveys the import of the same in mystic phraseology. This Yoga has been developed based on Sankhya or numbers. You should not satisfy yourselves by merely multiplying some numbers and arriving at some inferences through some formula manipulation. These statistical figures carry sense and meaning only when we yield production results as reflected in statistical tables. 

5. Drawing Power from the Self

In every Jeevi (individual), God is residing in the form of Paramatman (Supreme Being). It is not possible to accomplish production results by just bringing together various factors of production (resources). People believe that human brain forms through a blend of different chemicals. It is not the mere mix of chemicals alone that form the human brain, but it is the presence of Universal Consciousness that makes it energetic and animated. We see through the eyes, hear through the ears and talk through the mouth. But these organs of perception function effectively so long as there is life in the body. If it were the mere ears or eyes that were listening or seeing of their own, then why do they cease to function in the unconscious state or deep sleep state or after an individual’s physical death? Before and after death too, these tools exist and if these tools are responsible for action, then they should be able to function before and after death in the same way. But behind these instruments there is a fundamental power, which empowers them to perform these functions. It is this fundamental principle of life that energizes these instruments and makes them perform their respective functions. The moment life departs the body, all the instruments / tools cease to function. In this case, how has life come into the body? From where does life enter the body and where does it go after death? Ordinary human beings may not be able to comprehend the secret behind this visible phenomenon in such a simple manner. 

6. Ethical Business Communication

Communication between a business organisation and the financial institutions should also be clear. This communication must be made clear not only in writing, but also through verbal and non-verbal communication. We have to develop a comprehensive and clear system of communication with workers. If this kind of communication has to take place, morality and truth would become essential.

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