When Sri Sathya Sai Resurrected Walter Cowan on Christmas Day 1971

Saturday, December 25, 1971

Sri Sathya Sai with Walter Cowan and Elsie Cowan at Brindavan

On 25th December, 1971, Christmas, Mr. Walter Cowan, a devotee from U. S. A., died at the Connemara Hotel in Madras. He was declared clinically dead at a very reputed medical clinic in Madras. His ears and nose were plugged with cotton wool, and the body was shrouded up and put away.

At that very moment, Swami was telling the devotees around Him, “Ayyo Papam! It will be a great tragedy if the old lady loses her husband in India and goes back to America all by herself”.

Mrs. Cowan ran to Swami with the help of Mrs. Ratanlal. “I shall come to the hospital at about 10 o’ clock”, said Swami and sent them back. They returned to the hotel and reached the hospital exactly at 10 o’ clock. The doctors had gone back. One of the employees said, “Swami was here and has now left”.

Ruefully ruminating, ‘Oh God! Has He gone back so soon?’ they went to the ward where Walter Cowan’s body had been left. Wonder of wonders – It was not just a body, but the sentient, living Cowan! Swami, who had gone back to the Camp, told the devotees, “I have given re-birth to Cowan!”  

Mr. Cowan has given a detailed account, later, of how he was taken to the God of Justice, how all his Karmas of the past lives were read out there by a Superior being; and how Swami interceded at the time of judgement and restored him to life.   
On 26th December, 1972, Walter Cowan once again started sliding down to the other world. At that time, Swami was delivering the address to the Samiti members. After finishing the same He said, “In the middle of My speech, I got the call of Mrs. Cowan from the hospital, and I had gone there and done the needful”.

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