When The Darkness Is Falling Away...

Oh When The Darkness Is Falling Away
And A Bright New Morn Is Breaking The Day
Dreaming Of You All Through The Night.
Thinking Of You Gives Us Joy And Delight.
When We Remember Your Sweet Smiling Face
And We Think Of Your Redeeming Grace
O! How We Long To Be With You Lord
Sai Baba My Lord (2)
We Love You We Love You O Lord (2)
Life After Life, Be By Our Side
Lord Of Our Hearts, We’ll Never Part
Deep In Our Hearts, A Melody Is Ringing.
O! How We Long… Sai Baba…
Last Night, I Had A Wonderful Dream
The Lord And Our God. He Came In My Dream (2)
A Joy To Behold For The Young And The Old
The Charming Sweet Lord In Crimson And Gold
I Cried Out To Him, “I Love You O Lord!”
From Deep Within I Love You O Lord.
Seeing My Plight, He Came By My Side
He Looked In My Eyes, And Sat By My Side (2)
With Love In His Eyes, And Arms Open Wide
He Said, “Arise… I Love You Too.”
O! How I Long… Sai Baba… We Love You…

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