Sri Sathya Sai celebrates Shivaratri in the Bandipur Sanctuary

Sunday, February 13, 1972

Swami celebrated Mahashivaratri at the Kekkanahalla river bed near the Bandipur sanctuary on this day. He took along with Him the students of Sri Sathya Sai College of Arts and Science, Brindavan, and a big group of devotees. Swami settled down and made a cross from a dry stalk of dry jungle grass. He then called Dr. John Hislop and blew His breath on it. Lo! And behold!  It became a pretty big wooden crucifix with a silver figure of Christ nailed on it, complete with the crown of thorns and the emaciated agony-torn body! “This wood is the wood of the original cross”, Swami declared, as He placed it in the trembling hands of Dr. Hislop. The American devotee could not withhold his homage of tears.

The cross materialised by Sri Sathya Sai in the hands of Dr. Hislop
During the Bhajan at the river bed, Swami materialised a magnificently translucent Linga. “From Kailas! The Linga worship is just over there. See, the sandal and kumkum are still on the Linga”, Swami stated. He materialised another silver Linga and gave it to the Rajmata of Sirohi. Swami again created a silver vessel with a screwed lid with Amrita in it. Inspite of Swami giving a spoonful of Amrita to all the devotees, the vessel remained full! Swami then created a silver image of Shirdi Sai and gave it to Sri Kagal, the Inspecter General of Police of Mysore State. The party then returned along with Swami to the bungalow at Bandipur. Swami returned to Brindavan on Sunday. He blessed the devotees there with a Discourse and gave each devotee the gift of Vibhuti. Swami gave an opportunity to the devotees on Monday night during the Bhajan sessions, to have Darshan of the Linga materialised by Him at Bandipur forest. He materialised a silver vessel filled with the holy waters from the Ganges and the Lake Manasarovar. He mixed that water with milk and did Abhishekam to that crystal Linga. He graciously allowed each and every devotee to do the same. Later, He gave everyone a spoonful of this water and the Amrita He had materialised at Bandipur forest. Everyone was bathed in His never-failing compassion and grace.

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