When Swami selected the Design for His University’s Administrative Building…

Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning - Administrative Building

Friday, February 12, 1982

A Greek devotee sent to Bhagavan a picture post-card depicting the elevation of four monasteries in Greece. Bhagavan selected one monastery as a model for the Administrative Building of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning. He deputed Brig.Bose to Bombay to consult the Architects Firm, H. Godbole, with the picture. Brig. Bose brought the drawing prepared on the basis of that picture by Sri S.K. Athale of the Architect’s Firm. Though Bhagavan approved the main design, He did not like the design of the domes on the top. He wanted those domes to be replaced by features of the Somnath temple and some Buddhist temples. Accordingly, Sri Athale prepared a different set of design for the domes that was approved by Bhagavan. 

Swami with Sri Gundu Rao, Chief Minister of Karnataka in the University Admin Block on the day of the inauguration - November 22, 1982

This building was completed on time and was inaugurated by Bhagavan in the presence of the Chief Minister of Karnataka, Sri Gundu Rao on November 22, 1982.

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