Who is Your True Friend?

My Dear Students! 

You should have good sight. See good. How to see good? When you have good thoughts, you will get good vision. Do good. When you get a good thought, you can do good actions. When you have a bad thought, you will do only bad actions. If the whole body wants to perform good actions, you should have pure thoughts. For whose sake do you do this? It is for your sake. What for are you performing your actions? ‘Chittasya Shuddhaye Karmaha’

We undertake actions in order to purify our mind. How can you get the purity of mind? Here is a small example. In this world, who is there to love you? Do you think your mother loves you? Do you think your father, brother, wife or husband love you? It is true that they all love you. However, in their love there is at least some trace of selfishness. Who really loves you without selfishness and whole-heartedly? Even your dearest friend may love you but not with absolute purity as there is still a trace of selfishness. Without having desire for any reward, there is only One, who really loves you and that is God. Thus, no friend is higher than God in this world, as God does not have even the slightest trace of selfishness. God does not perform any actions with self-interest. He wants to help others all the time. He performs all actions for the sake of others. So, you may think that there are so many who love you in this world. No, they love you for the sake of their own benefit and selfishness. Even your mother does not love you without a trace of selfishness. She has some self-interest for her child. Only God loves you absolutely and without any trace of selfishness. We should offer ourselves to such a selfless God. 

In this world, we call many as our friends. But who truly is our friend? As long as you have money in your pocket and your father is in good position, all will tell you ‘Hello, Hello’; but, when your father has retired and you do not have money, nobody will even say ‘Goodbye’! When the tank is full, all frogs go there; but if it is empty, you cannot find even a single frog! However, God is not like that. All the time His tank is filled with the water of selfless love. The change of time and space does not matter for Him. In any situation, the tank of God’s love will be full of nectarine water. Therefore, God is the only true and eternal friend for everyone. Unfortunately, you give up such a friend and struggle to attain worldly, physical, temporary and untrue friends. All these friendships are ephemeral and last only for a short time. Thus, we should always pray to the eternal and true friend. 

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