Divine Visit to the Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School Hostel - Part 1

Sri Sathya Sai arrives School Hostel at Prasanthi Nilayam

February 26, 2002 (Tuesday)

The glorious day dawned in the east flashing a vista of crimson and gold across the horizon, the sweet tweets of the birds, the flowers like stars laughing through the grass and Mother Earth in Her green velvet gown and not to forget the children, all heralding the Divine arrival for the Lord Himself condescended to pour Love on all His beloved children at the Higher Secondary School. The regal redolent mansion that houses all the school children at Prasanthi Nilayam was dressed in a rich and glittering style to welcome Him. Swami came by the sparkling white Benz and was received by the School Principal Sri Y. Sivaramakrishnaiah, Warden Sri K. Janardhanan, and other teachers. 
Sri Sathya Sai with School Teachers at the Hostel on that day
He was escorted by the Vedam students and dancers to the tastefully decorated prayer hall in the center of the Hostel. Enroute to the venue, Swami blessed the general stores, the fruit stall and also some trays of toffees. This was followed by a soul stirring rendition of devotional songs and speeches which were offered to Him by His children. 

Finally, the Lord glided towards the podium, gave a mesmerizing smile and delivered His nectarine message.



Love is life. There is nothing other than Love in this world; there is nothing greater than it. I need not tell anything to the students who preach and propagate the supremacy of Love in our educational institutions.

Love is like the moonlight. It lends coolness to the heart and showers sweetness on everything. You must express this Love in words, in looks, in work and make Love the very life of everything you undertake. That is how you should lead your lives, suffused with Love. Life devoid of Love is futile. What I give you is Love and what you have to give Me is Love. Nothing can equal the splendour of Love. Love is God. God is Love. How should you experience this Love? True education lies in transforming live devoid of Love into lives full of Love.

What is education? We mistake education for mere intelligence. True education is discharging duties with intelligence and reaching our destination. We should cultivate Love and complete life by attaining liberation. The Gopis of yore sanctified their live, from dawn to dusk by filling their lives with Love.

From the time you wake up ,
Till the time you go to bed,
You waste your lives in eking out mere livelihood.
What have you gained by disregarding Divinity?

Ponder on this aspect earnestly. O Students! Why should you live here if it is not for the sake of Love? It is only Love that abides in all that underlies all. Gopikaas sang the following song:

“Sing O! Krishna! Sing!
Sowing the seeds of Love
In the lands devoid of Love,
Making the rivers flow and flood
Sing O! Krishna Sing!”

All the Gopikaas sang the songs of love. Radha prayed:

“Sing O! Krishna! Sing!
Sing the song soaked in honeyed sweetness,
Speak O! Krishna speak
Speak to our hearts’ content
Extract the essence of Love
Transform it into the primordial sound
And cast it into the mould of Love,
Increasing it in abundance.”

Love is supreme. There is nothing greater than Love in this world. You must bring fulfilment to your lives at this tender and sacred age by cultivating Love. As you grow up this Love travels to different areas in different directions. It deserts the royal and noble path and travels on crooked paths. Hence you should nourish the sapling of Love into a sturdy tree without bends and twists. Learn the art of merging into Divinity with bliss. That is true devotion. What is true devotion?  Devotion is nothing but reflection of Love. Devotion without Love is no devotion at all. This devotion confers on you 

Shakti (energy), Yukti (skill), Rakti (love), Virakti (detachment ), Anrakti  (longing) and Mukti (liberation). There is no Mukti without Prema (love). There cannot be Rakti and Virakti without Love. We can achieve everything with power of love.

Of all forms of Love, Love for mother is most important form of Love. Your mother gave birth to you, brought you up and worked for your welfare. Foster the Love for mother. Love for mother earns Love from God as well. Even God is your mother.
Sri Sathya Sai seated at School Hostel Altar
Love is of two kinds: secular and Divine. Love for God is Nivritti. Love for father, mother, brother and sister all come under the category of secure Love. This Love is marked by the Love of the body and confined to one life. But Divine Love transcends all these. You must approach Divinity in the spirit of Love. You should worship Divinity with Love.

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