Who can distance Him from His devotees?

Saturday, February 01, 1964 to 
Wednesday, February 05, 1964

Swami visited Tirupati on February 1st and blessed the devotees present there with His Darshan. On February 2nd, Swami graced the Upanayanam ceremony of Former Uttar Pradesh Governor, Dr. B. Ramakrishna Rao’s son. He was accompanied by former Governor General, Sri Nagesh. Swami later proceeded to Tiruchchirapalli from Tirupati. On February 3rd, Swami was honoured by the Chairman and Councellors of Tiruchchirapalli Municial Corporation. Swami discussed with them the administration and development of the town. Eminent musicians like Sri S. Govindarajan, Sri Tiruvengadam Subrahmanya Pillai, Sri Murugadas and Sri K. B. Sundaraambal entertained Swami with their concerts.

Swami had promised to visit the house of the Clarionette maestro, Sri A. K. C. Natarajan in Trichy. Swami had told him that He would arrive at 8.00 pm on 3rd February, the eve of the Gruha Pravesham of Natarajan’s house. News of Swami’s visit spread like wildfire, and people began to pour in by the hundreds. Natarajan wanted to prevent a huge crowd from gathering in front of the house. He thus put up a board at the entrance that read, ‘Swami’s visit after 10.00 pm’. His ploy to keep the crowd at bay worked, but Swami too did not turn up until after 10 pm! One of the members accompaniying Swami said to Natarajan, “We arrived at the Cauvery bridge even before 8 pm. However, Swami detained the cars there for 2 hours, for no apparent reason”. Swami did not divulge the trickery indulged in by Natarajan, but the latter understood the reason for the delay, and stricken with fear, fell prostrate at Swami’s feet.  Swami said to him in private, “Who asked you to announce that I would be coming only after 10 pm?”

The renowned musician Sri Ariyakudi Ramanujam Ayengar, film actor Sri K. A. Thangavelu and his wife, and the former Chancellor of Annamalai University Sri T. M. Narayanaswami Pillai sought Swami’s blessings during this visit. Swami returned to Prashanti Nilayam on the 5th.

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