Factors influencing Human Personality - Part 3: Sri Sathya Sai Perspective


When you join an organisation, you would get a huge amount of salary, an air-conditioned office chamber and the designation of a manager. Your job is not limited to putting your signature on different documents and papers. That is not sufficient. You are expected to go around the factory and find out how everybody does his or her job in the organisation. As a manager, you can discharge your responsibilities effectively only if you acquaint yourself with the various aspects of the job and know ‘who is who’ in your organisation. All this contributes to your success as a manager. 

If you do not know about your work properly, but simply take rounds around the factory frequently to spend time purposelessly and also hide your deficiency, the workers may simply greet you to keep you happy, but will go their own way. On the other hand, if you possess good knowledge of your job and then take rounds around the premises of the organisation with a purpose, your subordinates will respect you whole-heartedly. You should develop this professional image which will enable you to command respect from most of the people reporting to you. One who wishes to be held in high esteem by one and all in an organisation should be able to develop this sort of personality.

Here is a small example. Suppose usually 50 items are made per day. One day, only 30 are completed. It will not serve any purpose, if you shout at the worker. Enquire why only 30 were manufactured on that particular day? You may have to enquire thus: “Sir, yesterday you made 50, today only 30, what is the reason for the drop? Is it due to the shortage of power, raw material, water or machinery?” (This can be regarded as illustrative type of inquiry in this context) What are the reasons for this change? Or does the mistake lie with the worker or with the machine? You should go on probing in this manner whenever required. 

If you know the job well, then you would be able to correct your subordinate in an authentic way. If you shout impulsively thus: “Why is there shortage now?”, you would create an impression about yourself that you are not well informed. The worker will say, “I know this machine. I have been working here for 20 years. You came only yesterday. What do you know?” In such a situation, you will be put to shame. Therefore, first we should understand the job ourselves and only then question our subordinates and colleagues. If you are careful in these minor aspects also, you will be respected by your peers and even your juniors. All the foregoing description constitutes the personality which would help you to safeguard your image and reputation. Your position should be dignified. You should also pay back through dedicated and sincere service for the salary you receive. Then you will attract the favourable attention of everybody and every employee will develop respect for you. 

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